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Victoria Campbell: The ProserpinaSuper edgy goth instagram model, dirty AussieAussie

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by a_name_but_backwards, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. Let me introduce to you the trainwreck known online as Proserpina (aka Victoria Campbell)

    She is a super edgy instagrammer and tumblrina. Like all edgy scene queens, she can't work due to several unproven illnesses. Her tattoos and hairdye is paid for by her parents and the jewelry that she sells. She also has sponsors occasionally on her instagram that she screws over as soon as the sponsorship is done
    she has a vast collection of tattoos that show her "deep" interests, such as satanism, and serial killers (gein, fish, and dahmer).
    When she started off on MySpace she was quite different looking (but obviously she was young) but age and a shit ton of photoshop helped that. She also tends to change her opinions often when it suits her (see the below images showing photoshop and suicide girls)
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  2. Evidence of her edginess

    She also claims to be aboriginal aussie... like it would be something to be proud of.
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  3. I don't really understand the horrorcow tag here.
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    bloodcoffee skinny soy caramel latte with an extra shot
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  4. Meh, she isn't a cosplay cow or art cow. It was the closest I felt. Sorry it's my first lolcow thread.

    If people are interested, I have more. I just didn't want to post a million things if no one gives a shit.
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  5. Dat gut
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  6. Some people have speculated she had a tummy tuck. The scar matches up, and she said she was a fat kid.

    More general images

    Oh and she crashed her car, then post about it directly after. There were posts previously about drugs she was on, and hinted that she was on them when she crashed.
    quotes from her Facebook

    "When you almost die and all you can think is how mad your fathers gonna be. That's fucked up."

    "You know what else is fucked up? I wasn't scared until I realized I was still alive... Then I was scared and disappointed"

    "My whole body aches. Perks of crashing your car I guess. Now instead of just a flu I get a little added bonus as well cheers life"
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  7. Her face is too big for her head. Has she had collagen shoved in her lips also?
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    Ginger Piglet

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  8. I believe she gets lip injections. I'll see if there in evidence. It's one of the complaints her followers have since she begs for money quite a bit but then immediately posts pics of her getting new tattoos, clothes, or hair cuts.
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  9. @Dynastia is this a real petrol-huffing, dole-collecting, shit-slinging abbo? need your expert opinion to confirm/deny
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  10. PULL has a thread on her. Granted, it's less than 20 pages but you may find some interesting things there.
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    charmaide Most likely to reread self posts to catch errors

  11. I was tempted to summon him to this thread, but I was worried it might be one of his slags.

    This is where I got most of the info. P.u.l.l can be pretty subdued though and is getting worse. I hope if anyone cares here we can document some more interesting things.
  12. It is absolutely possible to be 100% white European and still be an abbo. If you're claimed by a mob and raised black then you're an abbo, by abbo custom and whitefella law, regardless of your ethnic heritage.

    However, Kooma mob aren't from anywhere near Dirranbandi, they were turfed out of there by the Gamilaray Murri mob a century ago. Seems somebody read a very outdated book when constructing their fake ethnic background.
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  13. lol fuck off you white cunt this is my culture

    edit ; she is not one of my slags btw she doesn't look like she'd mix with blackfellas
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  14. I can't tell if she's attractive or not.

    I think I'm going to settle on "no".
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  15. I think it's the abuse of photoshop that adds to the confusion, but "no" is the correct response.
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  16. Of all of the e-drama cows, she is one of my favorites. I hope this thread is sustainable.
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  17. Out of all her shitty tattoos, not a single one covers those disgusting stretch marks on her gut.
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  18. Few more images.
    More tea sponsors
    and I should have posted this in the o.p but here's her serial killer tats (and Gein, since he isn't a serial killer)
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