• "that "sjw" in the video they were making fun of is now a target of the kiwifarm sociopaths for the crime of being impassioned and fat"

Trainwreck Victoria Campbell: The ProserpinaSuper edgy goth instagram model, dirty Aussie

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by A Name But Backwards, Sep 8, 2016.

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  1. I caught sight of her on the House of Beauty Co Instagram, too.


    It's a repost. Both the original image and the video are on her Instagram.
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  2. I realize I'm not to whom Sugarpill is marketing, but if I saw that shit as an example of what could be done with their products, I'd nope the fuck right out of buying that.
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    weaselhat paint da happy trees!

  3. The Sugarpill photos make her look like she's been dead for a while...

    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  4. Metaphorically speaking, that may not be too far off.
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    Dr. Robeatnik

    Dr. Robeatnik Mad scientist droppin mad beats