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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Feline Darkmage, Dec 24, 2016.

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    You may remember this name from a couple months back when our legal department received a batch of threatening emails from somebody we had never even heard of until that point. This person is "Miss Victoria Murder", self-declared model and tattoo artist that lives in the middle of Bumfuck, Canada. The reason for her sending those messages? She was being made fun of on lolcow.farm, a completely unrelated imageboard.

    Since then she has gotten a page made about her on ED, a thread on /cow/. Even before that she had started getting a reputation as a dramatic cunt and attention whore.

    The lolcow.farm threads are notable in that barely anybody payed attention to her until she apparently sicced one of her whiteknights to launch a spam flood on it behind a proxy wall and launched herself to one of the most payed attention to people of interest on the website.

    Moral of the story: we should probably rename the Streisand Effect after Victoria.

    important drama links
    The Dirty
    Encyclopedia Dramatica

    Social Media
    Photobucket tag
    Personal Website

    December 27th Cloudflare DMCA Request
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    Feline Darkmage

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    Marisa Kirisame

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  2. Any examples of her chimping out? You should probably offer some examples of lulz to be had in the OP rather than just listing a bunch of general links.
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    For The Internet

    For The Internet Tits and ALL
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  3. Clicked a few links. She gets really mad and threatens photographers who won't shop her into Barbie bc she's dumpy irl. Also, her makeup is wrong.


    She's shopped so heavily (lol fat) in some photos in looks like a cut scene from a final fantasy game.

    Edit: she speaks with a fake British accent lol https://www.instagram.com/p/BOM0MvgFspe/
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    entropyseekswork Vigilante based in America
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  4. I've been following this chick for a while now, so I'd like to add a few things.

    A few months back she used to make her thread on lolcow unreadable by posting hundreds of cryptic replies. The admins deleted them quickly unfortunately, but it was hilarious to witness nevertheless. Some of her posts are still up and marked as hers.

    After she fried her hair by bleaching it over and over again for a few years she claimed to have converted to Islam just so she can wear a hijab to hide the atrocious bird nest on her head. As soon as her hair grew back, she never mentioned Islam again.

    As soon as another more talented (so almost everyone) female tattoo artist enters her sphere, Victoria starts talking shit about her instantly. Because of cause she is the most talented artist ever and everyone who says otherwise is just jealous! If the female in question has a job at a real tattoo shop, then it's just because she slept with the owner because who would not want to hire our one and only goddess Victoria?

    As for her works... well, they're shit. Noone should have to live with that shit slapped forever on their skin. Plus she does not only shoop herself to hell and back, she shoops her "artworks" as well. Someone on lolcow made a comparison:


    People who met her in real life claim that she smells like she didn't see a shower for weeks.
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  5. Gross english titty vampire
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  6. That looks like a shitty penitentiary tattoo.
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    Coleman Francis

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  7. She actually looks better without Photoshop.
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    trombonista Con La Sonora Dinamita
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  8. she looks like she has cat litter under her nails
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    FatFuckingClown *pins you to the ground and force-feeds you crack*
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  9. This shit is so photoshopped that it insults the intelligence of its viewers.
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    DrainRedRain Daddy Army™
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  10. Claims to be really smart, apparently owns a thesaurus, but can't spell basic words like upon or cheerful, and is apparently very into abuse of ellipses. Sure. Okay. In the words of Homer Simpson, "I am so smart! S-M-R-T!"
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    Broken Pussy

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  11. One of her aliases is "Victoria Murder?" What an edgelady.
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  12. And her other alias "BellaMorte" literally means "Beautiful Death". Make of that what you will.
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    Feline Darkmage

    Feline Darkmage The Great & Powerful
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  13. That and "Le petit morte" (probably spelled wrong) are both euphemism for orgasm, aren't they? It also brings to mind a manga I once read where the chapter's villain wanted a "beautiful death" by committing suicide via jumping in front of a subway train...after they had observed the deaths of many schoolgirls in her suicide circle, in order to find the perfect angle.
    Didn't work out too well there, either.

    Also it's, unsurprisingly, the name of a band. Which I would not be surprised if Icky Vicky listened to.
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    [Insert Meme Here]

    [Insert Meme Here] Bonjour--I mean, Buenos Diás!

  14. Bella Morte is also a character in a Vampire novel who is the head of a family of vampires who kill by being sexy. Seriously.
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    Maiden-TieJuan your friendly local grumpy-assed curmudgeon
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  15. Girl's got some really flappy tits. Compare the Simon Hammon photo with the one where it looks like she's got beachballs in her bikini.
    Is this what happens when Hot Topic worshipping girls try to model?
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    PolexiaAphrodisia Life just kills me. Do you have any pot?

  16. She actually is pretty good at tattooing imo, I came across her once, but that's another power level for another time.

    Anyways long story short, I was looking through her studios Facebook page when I came across a long paragraph explaining why they had to let her go. She aparently wouldn't show up for her appointments, wouldn't get back to clients and allegedly stole from her co-workers repeatedly...
    I'm kicking myself for not getting the screenshot at the time, just went back down their page to find it deleted, and instead they only have a short and sweet status update about her departure from the parlour.
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    day_man a-woooaahh

  17. I believe this song suits her well

    (granted, some of the lyrics have to be changed but still)
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    DynamiteNinja It's-a me, Mar-Bee-O

  18. More edges then a benihana.
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    BlueArmedDevil Pip-Bee 3000

  19. It's nice having a new pen pal.


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