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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Feline Darkmage, Dec 24, 2016.

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  1. That tattoo has been bothering me, too. It looks completely different in those two photos and not just because they flipped it. It goes up higher in one of the photos, it's darker in one of the photos, etc. Why would you get a corset piercing tattoo anyway? If you really needed said corset piercing tattoo, why would you half ass it so that there are only "piercings" in the front but none in the back?
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    Broken Pussy

    Broken Pussy Maybe it's dry as hell. Maybe it really smells.
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  2. I like how her body type keeps switching from RealDoll to Raven Sparks.
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    #42 Cyan, Dec 27, 2016
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    Cyan #006666
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  3. Dear Vicky:

    You are fat and I would not fuck you

    Sue me

    Kindest regards
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    Lurkette #fuckthemeta
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  4. I still think it's entertaining that she thinks Canadian law has any power in America. Anyways, knowing that she's probably reading this thread it would be nice of her to join us and give us reasons why we're wrong about her.
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    dannyfrickenp Oh God what have I done?
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  5. Canada mostly gives a shit about revenge porn or harassment, but only if you are underage (ei cases like Amanda Todd). Besides that Luke Maglotta was charged extra publicly but that's because he posted the video of him killing a dude with an ice pick then fucking the body (and also mailed the body parts.
    I already said this once in another thread but;
    Victoria, threatening lawsuits isn't very edgy or hardcore (which is what you seem to care about). Focus on your "art" because it's prison quality at best and needs work if that's what you want to be know for. Also don't post anything online if you don't want randoms to know it.
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    a_name_but_backwards Whispering sweet nothings
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  6. You say that, but after Peter Coffin, I'm not convinced she doesn't have a RealDoll of what she sees herself as that she photoshops her own head onto.
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    Jaimas Meme Support Team
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  7. I mean, if your last name was "Shingleton" you would probably use an alias too. It's like having the last name Ringworm.
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    Varg Did Nothing Wrong

    Varg Did Nothing Wrong Au milieu de mes semblables / Je vois des monstres
  8. I was wondering when this would pop up here.

    Seems like Ms. Vicki really needs to learn to judge the skin during a tattoo better. She is going too deep in some areas and too shallow in others. Why has no one tried to sue her for the repair fees yet?
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    Maiden-TieJuan I am are is one.
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  9. @Brandobaris please confirm this.
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  10. Let's not forget her alter ego... Moslima

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  11. No realdoll, two different photoshop artists, two different "touch up" techniques.
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  12. LOL she's a fucking 1950s comic book bad guy
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    TiggerNits I would sex with all of these white womens
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  13. She should send some white knights here. That's always fun.
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    AnOminous ἐπιχαιρεκακία
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  14. As if Canada has any power in the international community.
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    The Great Chandler

    The Great Chandler "Pickleless girls don't marry virgin boys"
  15. Victoria Shingleton?

    Is she related to Rusty Shackleford?

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    ObeseScreamingBlackMan Probably not Bryant Moreland
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  16. Oh, wonderful. We have a real-life Enoby Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way here, folks.
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  17. Or better yet, make a YouTube video denouncing the tyranny of Null, as well as his heartless cyberbowling and his white male privilege of having informed legal council.

    Also, why doesn't anyone ever browse the site before firing off the exact same legal threats that have failed over and over again? Like we have an entire section on the front page devoted to exactly this sort of idiocy.
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    The Giver

    The Giver Better at Inertia than Galileo
  18. Because they are unique snowflakes who are much smarter and much more important then anyone else who has threads on this site.
    The attention whores think they are better the dog fuckers
    the dog fuckers think they are better then the scammers
    The scammers think they are better then the pedos
    the pedos think they are better then the attention whores...

    And the circle of idiots continues.
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    a_name_but_backwards Whispering sweet nothings
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  19. Oh no, he didn't. Cyberbowling too now, on top of everything else? This has gone too far, someone must put an end to this madness!
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    keksz Verified nobody
  20. I'll send in detectives.
    I'll send in police.
    I'll send in everything in my power!
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