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Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by Feline Darkmage, Dec 24, 2016.

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  1. Yeah, that's absolutely not a Northern Irish accent. It sounds more Scouse, maybe? I wouldn't be surprised if she's Irish Canadian and playing it up. I've met a surprising number of people who put on just the worst attempts at accents in Toronto, and they clammed up pretty hard once they find out I'm from Ireland.
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  2. she look like a second life avatar when she shop herself
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  3. God damn why does every single "famous" cosplayer girl so deluded? I knew a girl who basicaly was the same to the point she would fuck off to japan but actualy just lives in a chinise street.
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  4. I'm never masturbating again.
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    WhatNemesisMeans Autistic-kun wants to play with you
  5. You may be on to something here.
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    Wally Balljacker

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  6. Ontario: Ancient Canadian for 'Tard Farm
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    TiggerNits I would sex with all of these white womens
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  7. Oh my god, she killed Wilson and turned him into a bra! WILSON!
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  8. It's because the French are full of themselves. They think everything they do is poetic or artistic.

    So yeah, ZERO surprise that this photo filter pretending to be a woman is emulating their behavior.

    "Oh yes, and Vicky, you are so icky and mean and I would not play video games with you"

    -...Damn, guys, did you just see my harsh burn up there? Holy shit, no wonder she needs to call her government for help. I'm a danger to society
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    Galvatron I can do no wrong... for I do not know what it is.
  9. Damn her hair is skanky.

    I always wonder why these people who call themselves "models" don't take better care of themselves. You had ONE JOB. *sigh*
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    KiwisAreCute why can't i be one of the cool kiwis
  10. Because every "pro cosplayer" is a "model". Oh sure, most of them have never gotten a paid gig that didn't involve an anime convention, but they're still TOTES LEGIT MODELS, guys!

    That's the problem with these types of women. They go to conventions dressed up as a skanky fictional character and get lauded as a goddess by hundreds of lonely men who are just one tease away from whipping their dicks out and furiously masturbating right there. So it's no wonder these girls get an inflated ego that would rival a teeny bopper music star.

    Is it wrong for an attractive girl to cosplay? Absolutely not. But keep things in perspective. You dressed up as Wonder Woman may get every guy at Miracle Neko Dengeki Para Para 'Con 15 jizzing in his boxer briefs, that doesn't mean you've become Aphrodite.
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    Galvatron I can do no wrong... for I do not know what it is.
  11. Have you guys considered that the crazy bitches there anonymously self-post (their whole dynamic is eating their own) in order to have threads because it's a quick and dirty way to get attention, but this one is innovative in poking other lolcow boards to widen her potential fanbase?
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  12. I doubt she even knows herself. Her spelling and grammar are terrible - like, doesn't really speak English terrible. The long words she uses sound unnatural, like she used a thesaurus but had never heard any of the suggested words actually used in conversation. That might explain weird phrases like "delusory intellect" - it could have started as "imaginative mind" or something.

    I suspect she doesn't get corrected very often - only listens to the thirsty dudes and fangirls.

    As with the long words, she's probably adopted a British accent to sound sophisticated. I wonder if Northern Ireland was chosen for oppression points?
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    Tragi-Chan Godmaster Reverend
  13. Or it's to try and swap out when she gets caught on it. Probably become "full irish" or something.
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  14. I suppose it's possible she did it herself. But that would make her even dumber than we thought, because if history has taught us nothing else, it's that there is NO upside to being a lolcow.

    None. The most famous lolcow there is lives in squalor, and does everything in his power to make us stop watching him. Yet we know practically every detail there is to know about him. This internet fame has done Chris NO favors. He hasn't been offered guest spots on sitcoms, he hasn't had a movie made based on his life (I can't think of any producer that would touch that). Hell, he doesn't even have enough white knights to get charity to improve his life.

    Internet fame is only useful when you are using a skill of some sort. Some singers on youtube have made careers, online self-publishers have become LEGITIMATE authors. Artists showing off their work have parlayed themselves a job with animation studios. Lolcows don't get careers from their temper tantrums and disgusting habits. If nothing else, those work against them because any draw they might have turns people off to exploiting that "internet fame" because they don't want to work with someone that has the mentality of a spoiled, lazy child.

    Imagine trying to collaborate with Chris on ANYTHING
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    #94 Galvatron, Dec 28, 2016
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    Galvatron I can do no wrong... for I do not know what it is.
  15. First time Vicky ever mentions Rhonda Rousey, and she's already the BIGGEST FAN and SUCK A COOL CHICK and NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS and LOL SUCH A DUDE.

    Christ. Can you imagine what it mist be like to spend even 5 minutes with her?
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    multiverse in every parallel reality you're a cow
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  16. Haven't seen this here yet, but as an addendum to the Rousey thing: Vicky thinks she's an expert katana sword fighter - really. :neckbeard:

    At one point, Vicky released video of her doing kicks and cuts and other things she thought looked like sick ninja shit. She took the video down after some very cleaver anon/s exposed her re.tard level edits. [the following is shamelessly stolen from lolcow, step up and claim credit if it's you! Also, do you still have this original video?]
    "So…I revisited her kewl swords n' kicks video, and I found this.

    At 1:08, when she starts doing a spin-kick where her leg extends high up, it appears as though she actually spliced together two videos. In the first video, she seems to attempt the kick, and in the second video, she seems to be already holding her leg up and then proceeds to let it go. Edited together, it looks like she kicked high and landed her foot down. However, there are discrepancies.

    They are are:
    1. The lighting of the video changes fairly dramatically.
    2. The angle (or cropping) of the video changes.
    3. She seems to have lost her garter belt when this shift happens.
    4. Her hand seems to be wrapped around her knee area, presumably to hold her leg in this position.

    I will post a frame by frame gif to help illustrate this as well."
    sick kicks vicks.png sick-kick-vicks-the-second.gif
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  17. When your legs don't work like they used to before....
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    m0rnutz Hide your nuts
  18. 1) Idiots give Chris money. This is such a phenomenon that there have to be sticky threads advising against it.

    2) Chris isn't even a hot chick.

    3) Girls on .farm do this all the time.

    The .farm variety of 'lolcow' is a different species. Y'all don't understand how the female mind operates because all you get exposed to here is the FtM transexual mind which is quite different.
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  19. Read the site? Remember that this is the stupid bitch who sent legal threats to us when she wanted stuff on another website taken down.
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  20. hethirsty.PNG

    A thirsty orbiter appears!
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