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Are videogames for children?

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Given I'm still on my stealth game binge, I decided to finally go through the OG PC version of Escape From Butcher Bay (hey, it includes stealth elements in addition to shooting).

Gotta say, while a few parts are a bit janky, the game has still held up exceptionally well, even after a little over decade and a half. There's a very good reason this game has garnered the reputation it has. The stealth sections especially are nerve-wracking, and while they could've done a bit more to make the detection less harsh, it still ranks up there for me as one of my favorites in the genre (along with having great action bits as well). Any of you guys play it?

Guess next up I'll replay Dishonored, a title that was inspired by Butcher Bay. Now that I have a whole bunch of amazing stealth titles under my belt, now I think it is time to see how the former compares now that I have gone through arguably my top favorites in the genre.


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Has anyone played flashback very nice platformer that I would recommend
Played it when it was new. Very similar to Out of This World in most respects.

Yahtzee posted a very funny Let's Play on the archives.


The remake is abominable. Yahtzee tried to a Let's Play but quit in New Washington.


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I assume by the pic and the pfp you play a lot of Grim Dawn. I bought the game a while ago and it was pretty fun. Do you recommend the dlcs?
They're pretty good. Ashes of Malmouth is the "ok, no more fucking around" expansion and you'll see Elite and Ultimate start to get really challenging. Forgotten Gods is pretty good, it wraps up a couple plotlines that have been in the game since Grim Dawn launched and adds a ton of neat stuff. There have been a number of non-DLC content additions over time (generally secret superbosses, a "roguelike" dungeon or two and some other goodies). My only gripe with Forgotten Gods is it can feel short if you just go through the plot, but there are a number of other things to do off the beaten path... and then there's Shattered Realm which is apparently even harder than Crucible.

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What a great game. I remember the first time playing it back in the days

It belongs there with the games that were ahead of their time
It is a surprising game and anyone deciding to play it don't think that the game is like the opening level. Play until you come to the city, the game opens up then. Really opens up. Wou travel back and forth on the subway, take on jobs to raise money and it's really fun, that part is like a teeny-tiny 2D open world game from 1993.


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Ever noticed how people who hate Sonic the Hedgehog games the most, are often Final Fantasy 6 fanboys? Which isnt that good game to begin with
I played up until the big twist and it was OK (Much better than that fucking tedious shitfest 4).
Sonic in 3d is undeniably a wonky poorly controlling mess but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still having a good time.


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Playing Majora's Mask. Just finished the Snowhead Temple and the Goron Race, did all that in the second day so I decided to upgrade my Kokiri Sword into the Gilded Sword, get the sword upgraded to Razor Sword on the 3rd Day.

>Can't upgrade the Razor Sword to the Gilded Sword on the 3rd Day.


Pretty hypocritical to say as a Sonic fan since that's almost exactly what Sonic actually is.
Ok look here is the difference

Here is FF6, look how insanely dumb it looks. Playable characters are toddlers, the enemy is real drawn blinking JPEGs with right proportions "Humans vs Toddlers?"

And here is FF7. While FF1-FF3 is more acceptable, it was monsters and not so much humans. But it had more correct way to portray it
But FF7 was first one to finally get it right. In Overworld they are all LEGOs but in Battle. Correct at last.

Even older games that came out same year as Final Fantasy 1 and later on Phantasy Star 2 was made. Essentially they did better job than Square did back then
Only thing i didnt like about Phantasy Star 2 is the whole "Sci fi" battle screen. But it atleast got it right compared to Square interms of human proporitions.

Final Fantasy 2 is only old FF game that is good since the battle is fun and not endless boring stuff that old FF games are known for. I have played them all, and FF2 was only close to good game out of them all, love that game. With maybe exception of FF4 After years, but i am not sure that counts since its a modern game

Also Sonic is fiction, so thats different than reshaping toddler humans vs JPEGs