Video Game Chat Thread - Pre-Alpha Experimental Version

Recent open world games... WHO YOU GOT??

  • Dark Souls 3

  • Final Fantasy XV

  • Horizon Zero Dawn

  • Nier: Automata

  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Watch Dogs 2

  • I'm not a real gamer

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My cousin and I had Mega Man 3. We were dumb kids who didn't understand Robot Masters weakness and which weapon to use, thus Top Man was the first Robot we destroyed.

Then we beat Hard Man. Ever since, I could never call him "Hard" again.

"Knuckle Man" is a better name for him


my corpus callosum is green
Can someone recommend me a good roguelike on PC or emulators? I’ve only played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon which is like babby’s first roguelike and shitty indie ones with generic fantasy so I’m not looking for meme-tier difficulty, just the core gameplay elements done well.

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So since i'd like to maybe play some steam games with other kiwis but I don't exactly want to give away my actual steam account name. So I figured that the best way to do so would be to set up a secondary account and set up family sharing or whatever, but now that I've logged into the secondary account all of my games as my original name are still named under (Names) games.

Is this because they're on the same computer? I don't really know that much about the internals of how steam works. I have access to all of the games on my main account through the second one which is what i wanted, but does that obfuscate the original account at all?

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Oh fuck me more football lol that didn't want to emulate, have more Banjo instead...



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Borderlands 1 > Borderlands 2
The characters do not behave like if they're in Alfred's Playhouse on LSD, instead they all act like they should do in a battleroyale-ish situation like that: They fight for survival and try to get some answer and constantly gets fucked up. Also the Atlas corp did nothing wrong while handsome jack managed to fuck the whole Hyperion company (from the best weapons with high accuracy and damage to a piece of shit that not even Demolition Ranch would use).

The whole "the GLaDOS' carboncopy is muh daughtah" is some hot bullshit and gearbox could've avoided that if the writers weren't high on crack.
also Half-Life Opposing Force 2: #JusticeForAdrian when?

about alf's rapehound: just watched the whole thing, THANK YOU JOSH, NOW I FEEL PAIN TO MY RIGHT LEG FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER

Oh, apparently "k or GeraldBox are gonna say something about Borderlands 3 this year.
Inb4 an even more stupid plot with and even more miserable gameplay and everyone's lgbtq+, especially the vault's tentacles.

Coleman Francis

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Can someone recommend me a good roguelike on PC or emulators? I’ve only played Pokemon Mystery Dungeon which is like babby’s first roguelike and shitty indie ones with generic fantasy so I’m not looking for meme-tier difficulty, just the core gameplay elements done well.
I'd recommend Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead for PC. It's a zombie survival type roguelike but it's very cool IMO. It has a lot of simulation elements like base building and vehicle construction/modification. It's difficult at first but I found it very accessible if you're willing to take the time to watch gameplay videos on YouTube. Watch the gameplay videos called "Cataclysm University" if you like the game and want to be more successful at surviving.

There's also a debug mode so you can cheat and give your character any weapons/armor/items that you want plus you can edit your character and give him the best stats and add as many beneficial perks and traits as you see fit.

I'm not a fan of roguelike games nor am I very good at the few that I have played, yet I was able to figure this one out (with the help of YouTube videos and the game's wiki) and do pretty well at it. If I can do it anyone can.

The zombie survival scenario is extremely played out and overdone but Cataclysm feels somehow different, can't really put my finger on why but it is. There's so much to do and find around the gigantic world plus there are lots of different character types and traits (both positive and negative) to play around with.

Oh and the best part: it's free. There are also updates and bug fixes on a daily basis so download the launcher which includes the game and a few different graphic packs that change all of the icons for your character, items, and all the different zombies and monsters, plus there's an update button on the launcher so you can easily update the game each time you play if you want to.

If you do end up downloading it, there are a few early game things that were frustrating to figure out like cooking and defrosting food without burning your house down and a few other little things. Send me a conversation and I'll try and explain these things to you.

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