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Are videogames for children?

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I cant game
But most phone games are just trash designed to get you to spend money, the difference is handhelds like the PSP and DS had actual games.
there was some ALOT of trash on the ds dude. And theres stuff like the aforementioned cod mobile, minecraft ,fortnite ,pubg and the OG GTA games in full on mobile now and thats just the stuff off top of my head
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After Triple Play Baseball, in my opinion, this was the last great MVP Baseball game for EA Sports:


Then MLB 2K6 came along and destroyed EA’s baseball series.
The rest was history.

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I knew it was poorly optimized, but...
DXMD 2020-07-22 22-39-06-844.png

Oof. I think... I'll play something else.
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I have a lot of great memories of my friends and I playing a ton of Red Dead Revolver when it came out. We beat the story countless times, unlocked every character, played multiplayer with each other quite a lot, and always had fun mimicking some of the better characters. I still recommend it to anyone who wants to play a spaghetti western power-fantasy. It's also hilarious, as it should be given the spaghetti western part.
I need a goood competitive game. I think league and dota are the only ones ive ever played really. I don't really do FPS or strategy games not smart enough. More looking for something I can dominate at solo and even dominate entire teams through micro or just having better items and more experience. I dont want a team game, I want one where I can actually grief people. I guess that would be a moba but not sure.

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This might be a little autistic, but of all the things Steam is allowing on their store now, apparently Reflect Studio's game "Scrutinized" is having trouble being allowed because one of the random suspects you can investigate is suspected of being a pedophile of some sort, as far as I understand it. I hope it gets cleared up, since I actually really liked Welcome to the Game 1 and 2, even if there were probably some spastic videos uploaded to youtube because of them. Regardless if you're interested in the game or not, it seems like a strange thing for Steam to have a problem with. That said, you can go through people's text messaging history in the game as part of your investigation, so maybe there are details that are a bit too grim. Hopefully it gets worked out, anyway.
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I need help!
im looking for a game i played some years ago.
its a game dex simulator, its text based and i think it was free.


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How text based was it? It wasn't a game like Rockstar.exe(great game) right? Was it web based, a modern executable, type to input commands to it or did it have mouse support etc?
It looked like old, dark and blocky. it had mouse support and wasnt web based.
it was mostly charts and stuff like that, no fancy graphics, no sims like visuals.

found it... it was some version of gamebiz
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