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Are videogames for children?

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Jesus, The Surge 2's difficulty jump between the first and second boss really caught me off guard.

You'll be OK little baby, here's how you attack, how you dodge, don't worry about boo boos I'll heal you, here we go half hour to avoid damage, first boss man telegraphs everything and here you are.

Then suddenly fuck you this guy is in end game armour with a massive claw blade. ha, run away? fuck you he's got flame missiles and a sniper robot, oh you gonna dodge? Suck it up bitch he's gonna combo so quick you'll be out of stamina in the brief half second he's vulnerable.
Fuck you.

It was pretty alarming given how well I got on with the first game!
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Looking at her stuff and playing some of it out of curiosity, I can safely say that Nina Freeman is the most self-absorbed game creator ever. When ten of the sixteen games you've made are about yourself in some way, you got to wonder, especially if it's about your personal hang-ups . I think she has hit some new heights with her most recent game which is not only about her as a teen, you get to play as her, you get to decorate her website which is partually about her with pictures of her.
I went to look her up, you think she might be self absorbed?


I went to look her up, you think she might be self absorbed?
What, you're saying a game about an 11 yr old girl discovering sex doesn't sound absolutely fucking riveting? What about a game based on her going on a series of dates with someone? No? Hmmm.

She ticks off every single box for quirky indie developer, complete with UwU-level Twitter shitposting and ironically liking hentai despite it being weird as shit. I'll never understand that combo.
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How many vidya game movies and series are they going to make? Let's see: they've announced something for Fallout, The Last Of Us, Disco Elysium, Cyberpunk 2077, Splinter Cell, what I linked above... Anything else?
Resident Evil


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Riot Games has decides that the League of Legends World Championship will be held this year in China as originally planned, and will also have China host Worlds for next year too:

I wonder what made them come to that decision, while other E-Sports/Gaming events, i.e. EVO, DOTA 2's The International 10, and BlizzCon 2020, have either been cancelled or pushed back to TBA dates. China money too OP, I guess, not to mention Tencent BTW.
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if there isnt, it seems like a good idea to make, but i dont know shit about game making other than text stuff
I don't have any grand plans for a game either, just a desire to mess around in an engine and pray something good pops out the other end. What should the thread be called?

Destroy All Humans Remastered has been very fun so far, and I'm really happy they brought it back. Now if only EA would remake Mercenaries 1 & 2, Battlefronts 1 & 2, and The Saboteur. I'm telling ya, Pandemic were some of the best devs out there.

Only thing I don't like are the challenges, particularly Armageddon. You'd think it'd be simple, destroy everything. Nope! To get 3 stars your only option is to focus on specific cars and transmodify (basically drain) them for big points.

Also telekinesis kind of sucks as it almost never hits the person you're aiming at. Even if they're standing still!
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Yes. The Saboteur was sooo underrated. I would love to see a remaster and a sequel.
It was pretty much the reverse collect-a-thon, where you destroy everything instead of collecting it. Mix that with Assassins Creed climbing, an enjoyable story and an environment rarely seen (Open-world in WW2 instead of linear FPS) and you'd think you'd have a great game just waiting to be expanded... I'm still sad EA closed down Pandemic...

How many vidya game movies and series are they going to make? Let's see: they've announced something for Fallout, The Last Of Us, Disco Elysium, Cyberpunk 2077, Splinter Cell, what I linked above... Anything else?
Halo with that Showtime show and an Anime, and I think Gears of War with a movie. If you want to count Anime/Manga then the hole gets larger. Pokémon, Parasite Eve, Valkyria, Final Fantasy, etc

there was some ALOT of trash on the ds dude. And theres stuff like the aforementioned cod mobile, minecraft ,fortnite ,pubg and the OG GTA games in full on mobile now and thats just the stuff off top of my head
It would be nice if there were some good, non f2p/gacha games on mobiles that weren't ports though. There are some great ports though, aside from the r* back catalogue (gtasa and cw being the best imo) there are the infinity engine remasters (shitty ports of great games) and the squenix back catalogue (dqviii, fft and twewy are the best ports) although they are expensive as hell. There are also some great indie games that have been ported, like oxenfree and distraint (horror adventure games), the swords of ditto (zelda lttp with annoying roguelite elements and calarts aesthetic, really well done port though), death road to canada (wait for a sale though) and don't starve. The only non ports I still play are gems of war (match 3 rpg by puzzle quest devs) piffle (arkanoid type game) and mini metro (subway map simulator).


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Akihabara saying goodbye to landmark as giant Sega arcade announces it’s closing for good

As the biggest mecca in the world for anime and video game fans, Tokyo’s Akihabaraneighborhood has an unabashed affection for new technology and fresh content. And yet, perhaps because of the wonderland-like atmosphere for fans, there’s also a lot of nostalgia for the most recognizable examples of Akiba architecture.

Unfortunately for everyone who wants Akihabara to stay as it is in their memories, one of the district’s most iconic video game arcades has announced it will be closing down, and with very little advance notice. The Sega Akihabara Building 2 arcade, located along the southern edge of Akihabara, will be shutting its doors on August 30.


Originally opened by Sega in October of 2003 under the name “Akihabara Kigo,” the arcade started welcoming gamers just as the otaku culture boom really began picking up steam, and has stood through the neighborhood’s transition from a solitary shopping spot to a full-fledged tourist destination drawing otaku both from across Japan and abroad. Standing on a corner directly across from the Manseibashi Bridge that stretches across the Kandagawa River, the unobstructed view of Sega Akihabara Building 2 made the skyscraper a prime canvas for massive murals promoting the latest video game release or anime tie-up.

News of the arcade’s impending closure started circulating on August 1, when visitors saw a sign posted inside the building saying:

“Notice of closure
Thank you for your continued patronage. We are sorry to announce that this branch, Sega Akihabara Building 2, will be closing.
Our last day of operations will be Sunday, August 30.
The entire staff wishes to express, from the bottom of our hearts, our sincere gratitude at the loving support you have given our establishment for so many years.”
Sega has not issued a statement as to why the arcade is closing. The obvious culprit would be a downturn in business due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has vastly decreased the number of visitors to Akihabara, and even among those who are making the trip, the prospect of sitting in an enclosed space while grabbing joysticks and mashing buttons without the machine having a thorough disinfection before the last person vacated it probably isn’t the most appealing prospect. Sega Akihabara Building 2 had been temporarily closed during the spring as the Tokyo municipal government declared a state of emergency in response to the health crisis, and though the arcade reopened on June 12, the reunion will be short-lived.

Even before the start of the pandemic, though, Japan’s arcade business was already in a steady, prolonged decline, as illustrated by the loss of the legendary Warehouse Kawasaki arcade last year (which we were lucky enough to make one last visit to). The improved performance and online capabilities of home video game consoles have largely eliminated the need to go anywhere farther than your living room to play the most technically impressive titles or find human companions/competitors, so it’s possible that Sega Akihabara Building 2’s days were numbered regardless of whether or not there was a global plague, especially since, as “Building 2” indicates, it’s not the only arcade Sega manages in Akihabara.

While it’s sad to see something that’s been part of the neighborhood for almost two decades fade away, change is a constant in Akihabara, as anyone who remembers the days when there was an open-air basketball court right outside the station can tell you. And hey, at least as we say goodbye to one beloved otaku spot, we’re getting to say hello to another.


What’s insane was I was just about to watch Steins;Gate today, since it takes place in Akihabara.
Either way, it was good era back then. That sign was always noticeable to me when you watch Akihabara vlogs online.

Hopefully what does replace this can even be better than the Sega Akihabara Building. These are some tough shoes to fill.

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I don't have any grand plans for a game either, just a desire to mess around in an engine and pray something good pops out the other end. What should the thread be called?
Call it "GameDev for fun: Why isn't this working..." with the subtitle "Read The Fucking outdated Manual then google for answers"