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This is a thread where you can share current deals on games, digital . Obviously, there are better resources, but it would be good for KF to have an internal thread for this.

I'll add the best resource sites in the OP as the thread progresses and receives recommendations.

I'll start out with a big one. GameStop is closing 53 stores throughout the country. Used games are $5 for 5 under $20. New games are 60%-70% off depending on location, and most merchandise is 70%-80% off.

The highlight is all used consoles being 60% off, with new consoles dropping to 40%.

Here's the list of store closures:

5807 - Azusa, CA - Citrus Crossing, 828 E. Alosta Ave.
7577 - Chula Vista, CA - Terra Nova Plaza, 374 East H St.
5374 - Indio, CA - Monroe Street Center, 81952 US Hwy. 111
5930 - Sacramento, CA - Strawberry Creek, 8241 Bruceville Rd.
5963 - San Carlos, CA - San Carlos Marketplace, 1135 Industrial Blvd.
5264 - San Ramon, CA - Diablo Plaza, 2475 San Ramon Valley Rd.
5279 - Santa Monica, CA - 1910 Lincoln Blvd. @ Pico
3352 - Tarzana, CA - Ross Center, 19203 Ventura Blvd.
6089 - Derby, CT - Derby Plaza, 630 New Haven Ave.
4990 - Coral Springs, FL - Maplewood Plaza, 1158 N. University Dr.
3588 - Davie, FL - Lakeside Town Shops, 5810 S. University Dr.
5151 - Hialeah, FL - Country Club Plaza, 18486 NW 67th Ave.
1794 - Miami, FL - Briar Bay, 13125 SW 89th Pl.
5097 - Parkland, FL - Shoppes of Parkland, 7031 N. State Rd. 7
5611 - Pinellas Park, FL - 7259 Park Blvd.
5857 - Plantation/ Sunrise, FL - Gateway @ Sawgrass, 105 NW 136th Ave.
6676 - Atlanta, GA - The Prado, 5620 Roswell Rd.
857 - Marietta/ Sandy Springs, GA - Prado Town Center, 50 Barrett Pkwy.
4200 - Coralville, IA - Coral Ridge Mall, 1451 Coral Ridge Ave.
4171 - Bloomington, IL - Eastland Mall, 1615 E. Empire St.
1570 - Chicago, IL - Jeffery Plaza, 7131 S. Jeffery Ave.
2833 - Palatine, IL - Northwest S.C., 579 E. Dundee Rd.
9116 - Braintree, MA - South Shore Plaza, 230 Granite St. (ThinkGeek)
682 - Brockton, MA - Westgate Mall, 200 Westgate Dr.
3315 - Woburn, MA - Metro North Retail Center, 103 Commerce Way
6084 - Baltimore, MD - Bowleys Quarters, 105 Carroll Island Rd.
6444 - Brandywine, MD - Brandywine Crossing, 15912 Crain Hwy.
5310 - Catonsville, MD - 40 West S.C., 818 N. Rolling Rd.
1365 - South Portland, ME - Maine Mall, 378 Maine Mall Rd.
2646 - Kansas City, MO - Zona Rosa S.C. 7106 NW 86th Terrace
4321 - Cary, NC - Cary Town Center, 1105 Walnut St.
2361 - East Rutherford, NJ - Route 17 S.C., 91 Rt. 17 S
4658 - Freehold, NJ - Raintree Towne Center, 9 Village Center Dr.
1016 - Hoboken, NJ - 408 Washington St.
2492 - Manalapan, NJ - Manalapan Epicenter, 55 Rt. 9 S
168 - Phillipsburg, NJ - Phillipsburg Mall, 1200 U.S. Hwy. 22
3031 - West New York, NJ - 6001 Bergenline Ave.
3759 - Brooklyn, NY - 1244 Fulton St. @ Nostrand Ave.
1015 - Forest Hills, NY - 107-71 71st Ave. @ Continental Ave.
6425 - Manhattan, NY - 682 6th Ave. @ 21st St.
2241 - New Paltz, NY - 13 New Paltz Plaza
2348 - Rochester/ Penfield, NY - Panorama Plaza, 1601 Penfield Rd.
2845 - Newcastle, OK - New Castle Plaza, 661 NW 32nd St.
4203 - Cranberry, PA - Cranberry Mall, 6945 Rt. 322
5245 - Quakertown, PA - Quakertown Center, 895 S. West End Blvd.
4356 - Stroudsburg, PA - Stroud Mall, 344 Stroud Mall Rd. & Rt. 611
903 - North Charleston, SC - Northwoods Marketplace, 7620 Rivers Ave.
6682 - Watertown, SD - 2700 9th Ave. SE
3800 - Covington, TN - Covington S.C., 1603 Hwy. 51 S
5759 - Soddy Daisy, TN - Soddy Daisy Crossing, 9332 Dayton Pike
1561 - Flower Mound, TX - Cross Timbers Court, 3634 Long Prairie Rd.
6700 - Grand Prairie, TX - Camp Wisdom S.C., 3040 W. Camp Wisdom Rd.
2489 - Herndon, VA - Franklin Farms, 13440 Franklin Farms Rd.

Resource Sites:

-Cheapassgamer: (everything) best quickdraw on announcing game deals. Great forum with dedicated threads for retail clearance sales, specific game deals per console. collectors editions, trading etc.

-r/CrackWatch (PC games that have leaked)
-r/GreatXboxDeals (Xbox One)
-Isthereanydeal (Game Price tracker)
-r/Ps4Deals (Ps4)
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thank you Null for fixing animated av’s <3
Some helpful links:

If you’re a ps4 consolefag is a great website to see deals by region and most importantly a game/dlc’s price over time, I’m sure there’s probably an equivalent website for Xbox too.

If pirating isn’t below you for pc gaming is a great place to start with direct download links, just use an adblocker and common sense.


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It gets the job done, it’s great for updated versions of obscure steam games, what site/ forum would you recommend for direct downloads?
fitgirl-repacks, pcgames-download in the wayback machine, or worldsrc usually have anything I'm looking for. there's been quite some controversy about igg-games putting their own DRM into DRM-free games. not necessarily malware but I'd only use igg-games as a last resort.

edit: there's also an archive of Good Old Downloads
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thank you Null for fixing animated av’s <3
fitgirl-repacks, pcgames-download in the wayback machine, or worldsrc usually have anything I'm looking for. there's been quite some controversy about igg-games putting their own DRM into DRM-free games. not necessarily malware but I'd only use igg-games as a last resort.
Yeah I know about that stuff, igg mods are slimey but I’ve used it for years no prob, a rival torrent site was paying for hitpeices on them for a while, netted them a lot of bad press, fitgirls some good shit though.


well known in this neighborhood is like a turbocharged version of the steam wishlist notifier that’ll email you if something you want drops below a certain threshhold you set with a specific activation method, so you can set watches for criteria like Rez Infinte at less than 10 bucks on any storefront that provides steam keys.

Notably it also tracks bundle sites although I wish it would show you what was actually in the bundles.

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