Video Game Music: REMIX EDITION!! -

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I love video game music remixes. Whenever I listen to them, I get that sense of familiarity with the beats and sounds of the original song while also experiencing the sensation of listening to something new. It's a feeling that just can't be beat.

So fellow Kiwis, post your favorite remixes of various video game tunes.



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I could share one of the dozen vocal remixes I adore, but this is by far my favourite remix of this song.

Cuck Norris

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I don't listen to too many just remixes but I do listen to a lot of hip hop that uses samples from games. Does that count for the thread?

Here's an instrumental based on "Dream of the Shore Bordering Another World" from Crono Cross. This hits me right in the feels so hard.


Van Darkholme

I'm a sucker for Touhou music remixes of all kinds. (even if I don't care about the games all that much)
Just for example. I could fill a whole thread with that stuff.