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I used to frequent OC Remix for most of my music way back. It's a great place to find music that just works as background noise while you do other shit. And some of the artists there are pretty incredible remixing video game music.


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Despite being a bunch of straight A assholes when it comes to difficulty and lack of beginner friendliness. Atlus sure do knows how to make great music.

Personal favorites:

Large Map (Real Universe) ~ 5:34
Mystery ~ 17:02
Large Map ~ 21:12
Chiaki ~ 32:40
Normal Battle (Town) ~ 34:22
Boss Battle ~ 52:14
Normal Battle (Large Map) ~ 1:01:00
Junk Shop ~ 1:07:52
Reincarnation ~ 1:48:05
Staff Roll ~ 1:49:52
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I love everything about Soul Calibur VI. The soundtrack ist just a thing of beauty. The following track is from my favourite stage.
"Welcome to the stage of history, retold."


Just got done fighting the Mantis Lords on Hollow Knight. This song just makes the boss fight. The quick reactions you have to make while in tune to it just makes it feel more like a dance than anything.

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From my point of view, Halo set the golden standard for video game music for the 21st Century. I honestly don't think any other game made after 2000 has such a diverse and recognizable score.
Obviously, there's the theme
But so many of the other tracks throughout the original three games are absolutely fantastic
There's too many great ones for me to list but these ones stand out the most to me.


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Killer7's soundtrack is great, it's so mysterious and very enchanting. I'm also playing Danganronpa for the first time and I couldn't help but notice that the music sounded very similar to another game and thanks to @Ride, I got the answer I was looking for. Anyways, Killer7, I don't even know what to describe it. Like said earlier, it's so mysterious, enchanting, very haunting but also very jazzy. And added with a lot of tension as the story unfolds, I also get reminded of the earlier Shin Megami Tensei games and Persona 1 (PSX version) and 2, and that's a good thing. :)

Personal favorites:

3. Blackburn - 3:09
4. Where Angels Play - 7:23
7. Election Plot - 13:06
9. Russian Roulette - 20:43
10. Geopolitics - 24:37
12. Back to the Light - 26:54
13. Vote Falsification - 28:46
16. Love - 33:49 ~ Hey @scorptatious is it safe to say that Love is just a couple synths away from being a SMT 3 dialogue BGM?
17. When the May Rain Comes - 35:08

I noticed that I'm going in order on all my favorite soundtracks but this whole soundtrack is absolutely awesome to listen to. I'm not that big into visual novels but the only reason why I'm going to keep playing Danganronpa is because of the soundtrack, and also the art style is very charming.

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