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The ending music from Deuteros. It's utterly mega. Considering that to get to this point takes upwards of a hundred in-game years, and that in that time you have taken humanity from the last few thousand survivors of two apocalypses in the broken ruins of Earth, built up a massive interstellar industrial and economic power and wiped out the Methanoids from the face of the galaxy, and advanced to a higher plane of existence. Really fits with what I call the "tortured industrial" look and feel of the game.

The intro music's no slouch either depicting the survivors of Millennium 2.2 (the previous game) being demolished by the last Martian star fighters. The music going off in time to these thermonuclear blasts on the planetary surface and the atmosphere fading to blood red.

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I found some music that sounds awfully familiar.
I know why he's called bomberman, he bombs things but, why does he do it? What is his end game? Is he some sort of terrorist? Is he working with the unabomber or Al-Qaeda? C'mon I'm just saying a guy who throws bombs everywhere is kinda shady.

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Tekken always had the right music to pump you up.

Also Flying Dragon on N64


I've been listening to a lot of C64 stuff lately. The SID chip is so fucking good! It's has such a unique type of sound that not a lot of other games have really replicated it since, I believe


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Been listening to a lot of the Silent Hill 2 - 3 soundtrack lately because the spooky month. This song is always pleasant to listen to while taking walks

Silent Hill 3 has the best sound track of all the silent hills

My contribution:

Destiny's Wrath of the Machine raid has one of the best encounter song and a boss song that builds up tension in just the right way.

If Bugno put Wrath of the Machine in their game I'd play the hell out of it. Getting a nostalgia hit in my veins right now.
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