Video Games: The Latest Front in the Social Justice War

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Mar 23, 2016
While "Go Woke Go Broke" is true, when one dies, about 3 more pop up with the same shit. When it comes to the Video Game Industry, the situation is so bad, you would have to gas bomb the entire industry to get rid of the roaches that infest it. They are in every genre, every nook and cranny, to where unless you go full retro and just play/emulate classic shit, you will never see the end of it.
I've not done badly with this. When Ubisoft implemented the most idiotic DRM system that mankind has ever devised, I decided to never buy a game from them, EA is a no-brainer, so is Activision.
Fortunately, their games are by far and wide so poorly made, I barely realize I am boycotting them, since their games are about as alluring to me as a turd covered in anthrax.

I play a lot of Indie-stuff, that usually spares me the hamfisted political bullshit - and I am going to ignore any game that attempts to force this political bullshit down my throat. If that means I have a shrinking number of new games, so be it, there's a fuckton of classic games that I can enjoy instead.
But what really slays me about all this: I would describe myself as liberal, it's just that I hate being pontificated in a game that I paid for to have fun. Neither are these people mentally capable of tackling the issues that they bring up in a way that isn't grating and annoying, nor are they creative or witty enough to make them a fun addition to a game or weave them into the plot without them sticking out like a rusty nail.
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Mar 1, 2020
SJW critiques of video games have nothing to do with video games as games. In fact, they are openly hostile to the very idea of scoring games on interactivity. Most of the time, the average SJW would vastly prefer an interactive movie to anything that actually requires any modicum of skill to play. All SJW critiques of video games center on the fictional narratives and aesthetic choices that developers make. This sort of critique could be applied to any genre of narrative fiction; it isn't specific to games at all. All so-called "cultural criticism" boils down to this: there is a blacklist of tropes and aesthetics that you're not allowed to use in your game, movie, comic book, novel, whatever. You will not be shown this blacklist. In fact, it is a protean and amorphous thing, subject to the whims of whichever SJW has chosen to shit all over your work. SJWs are so fundamentally daft, they consider depiction as being equal to endorsement. In SJW-land, if you write a rape scene, you're a rapist. If you write someone being racist, then you're a racist, et cetera. If you model a female character with a low neckline and a short skirt, you support catcalling and the male gaze, and so on, and so on. The one thing in common between all SJW critiques of fiction is that they want bowdlerization and censorship so that stories can't hurt their feefees. Their logic is inconsistent with the practice of storytelling. For instance, how in the hell is a horror novelist supposed to horrify and disgust their audience when horrifying and disgusting things are off the table?

I've tried to explain that to these people, but it just doesn't seem to get through their thick skulls. They actually do seem to believe that all works of fiction should depict their idea of a utopia, where no one says or does anything contrary to their beliefs and there's nothing that would tempt the audience towards evil. You know who else used to make that same argument all the time about fiction back in the 1990s and 2000s? Evangelical Christians. I swear to god, the argument is identical. When I was a kid, there was a guy named Al Menconi who used to whine about video games being gateway drugs to Satanism or criminality or whatever. SJW sanctimony is completely indistinguishable in character from hyper-religious zealotry, and their desired end-result is the same. "Problematic" is the new "blasphemy".

Nov 11, 2020
The amount of games I've bought just because they pissed off the SJWs is insane. This might lead to developers putting politically incorrect content into shit games just to get them to sell, but frankly I think that's a price worth paying.

I paid almost $15 for a shitty Pokemon knockoff because the dev got shit on by a bunch of troons for having an ironic discount percentage on steam.


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May 12, 2020
On the face of it one might think that they are merely trying to take over every last bit of media because they can't stand that there are differences of opinion, and to some degree that might be true. However the situation is far more dire than anyone seems to be aware of.

The slow march through media is more about consensus cracking, and churn-rebellion. The difference of opinion aversion is merely the symptom of the cancer that is encroaching every aspect of media.

You merely need to listen to their rhetoric and take more than a momentary thought in order to unravel the truly sickening reality of the project.

Let's start on the idea of churn-rebellion. What is it?

It is a framework of tactic, strategy and execution in order to maintain a constant state of marxist rebellion. Marxist rebellion is not even it's first iteration, it is actually the latest iteration of a centuries old project that I wont go into here. For now just understand that the concept is a strategic one and when you understand their tool-set you can predict an infestation and I hope with some luck we can begin to head them off at the pass, perhaps even reverse the tide.

What is the tool-set?

There are many tools at their disposal, each one would be an effort post in it's own right so I will cover them briefly and hopefully this gets your brain ticking along.

You might ask yourself why these fucking pinko's always seem to be obsessed with story, literature, and art. You might even notice they seem to make garbage, even. Why is that?

#1 Boundary Erasure

Elimination of boundaries, especially within the arts as that is the quickest and easiest way to up-skill their human assets, quickly establish prestige and maybe even make a little money, especially through lucrative money laundering, but that's a deep topic that you will have to research for yourself.

Remove all boundary to becoming an artist you can flood the market with garbage, push any old shitty artist into the spotlight, pump out any old shitty movie, and you get the added bonus of getting to use the next tool in the box.

#2 Thought Disruption through Narrative Shims

A "narrative shim" is a method by which they can bypass your natural proclivity of disgust or aversion by a method of "shimming" the thought into your subconscious.

It works like this: Shock, Disgust, Rollback, Reiterate, Revive, Normalize, Protect, Eliminate.

Shock: provide a blitz to the subject with a shocking version of the narrative shim, provoke shock by making your "art", be it a movie, a book, a play, a song, whatever. Provoke a violent response if necessary, but shock is the key. This pierces the outer psychological later, preparing for the next stage. Anyone remember Jerry Springer?

Disgust: Foster that disgust as the shock has worn off, take it just one step further than previous step in order to spread the narrative shim like a virus. You remember cuties, right?

: Step back from the psychological attack by easing off the accelerator at this stage, allowing the momentum of the subject to continue with their disgust, appear to do nothing but just leave it hanging out there. Let the anger and absolute rage subside as people scream about it all the while it appears as though no real harm has been done to anyone immediately following the shock and disgust phase. This allows the payload to be planted, lodged in the psyche of the mark, effectively making them blow their rage load with no way for them to push back against the next stage. But Satanic Panic was just a bunch of dumb fundies, right?!

: Make several new versions of the same shit in the same vein, only not as shocking, only mild, perhaps it's not quite as bad but the themes are the same, this time it's harder for society to push back on, the apathy has set in as the mind has been tricked into thinking that it already won the previous exchange, and it has the psychological effect of perpetuating that win. This is a grave misjudgement of the ill-informed mark. Why is the chick that played Hannah Montana doing a bunch of esoteric occult shit? Wasn't she a children's entertainer?!

: Make something just as shocking as before, go balls to the wall, full campaign of marketing, hit up every two-bit media-whore around, pretend like it was always cool, and really sell it, be as on the nose as you like, just kick the fucking doors in and blast it out everywhere, make several versions of it. Just look around you, fuck it throw a stone and you'd hit something obscenely degenerate.

: Attack anyone and everyone that dares notice that this is exactly what they warned everyone about, mock them, push them to the fringes with every dirty trick in the book. It just keeps going!

: Leverage your newly gaslit audience into not only advocating for what ever degenerate shit you just face-fucked into their brain, but make them ravenously advocate it to the point politicians and corporate entities are frightened into advocating for it as well, really sell the victim complex, really push it. Why is your boss now making you sit through a seminar about the dangers of being a black gay teen tranny with AIDs instead of talking about the latest sales numbers?

: Leverage your zombie corporations and zombie politicians to actively stifle, perhaps even literally eliminate any opposition, by any means at their disposal. You are here.

#3 Hydra Method

This one is pretty simple, just have every talking head say the same shit no matter what channel or media organization they are a part of. It's all owned by the same people, they just create a false competitive market place. If this shit was price-fixing the feds would actually handle it, but news and media isn't a product, now, is it?

Fuck it that's a good enough start, there's more here but this shit wont be fixed overnight, so keep your eyes peeled, and let's not turn this into some gay crusade, gamergate was a fucking shambles, thanks GYM, you fucking faggot.

Feb 4, 2020
The Heartbeat thing was over a twitter comment her lesbian girlfriend had made. That was it, that's all it took for the trannies to declare a Fatwa on the game.