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Coleman Francis

True & Honest Fan

I just watched this, haven't seen it in years and forgot how f'ing hilarious it was. Bill Maher, back when he did "Politically Incorrect" came on Stern's show and hosted a version of politically incorrect, but instead of celebrities' participating, they use famous wack packers: Gary the exceptional individual-an actual exceptional man, Slow Adam-a depressed man with learning disabilties, Daniel Carver-an actual klansman, and Beetlejuice-tiny headed, negro that misses the point on everything in a hilarious way ,

Maher, being the thin-skinned, big brained, takes himself way too seriously jew that he is, starts getting increasingly mad at Stern for instigating his wack packer superfans asinine answers and non-sequitur's.

I love this stuff, Stern was genius in the way he just put these nuts (Bill Maher included in that number) together and let them run with whatever chaotic nonsense show they'd put on. He would subtly keep them on track but in no way interrupt them or walk over their inadvertent hilariousness.

Highly recommend giving it a watch. Even if you're not a fan of Stern or are unfamiliar with his old shows (he sucks now), he's not the focal point here, he's just a background character. It's all about the 4 wack packers.
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