Videos on the Internet that made you laugh -

This one never fails to make me laugh, so much funny shit in such a short video.
-the echo amplifying the fuck out of his outburst
-that multidimensional scream
-that crystal-clear "you fucking faggot" right at the end after a barrage of echoes
-hitlers friend has been released from jail!
-the group of Jew caricatures looting the guy’s corpse immediately after he dies
-“Please stop falling you’re breaking my immersion, please.”
Based on this post from the Pictures thread

Technically a video but im posting it here anyway. I watched this with zero context this morning and for have been periodically giggling over it for the past twelve hours

I genuinely dont know why I find this so amusing. Maybe not having any previous context as to what he was ranting about and the sheer absurdity of the premise combined to tickle my funny bone

Ended up going through the entirety of this guy’s channel. It’s great.