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Badonkadonk Trash

Local robot vampire fucker
When I was a kid, How the Grinch Stole Kwanzaa (made by the same guys behind the ghetto Charlie Brown dubs on YouTube) had me dying of laughter when Bill Cosby narrates the fact that the Whos do an orgy down in Whoville ("They'd be fuckin' like rabbits as if it was Easter!") and for no reason whatsoever, Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids make an appearance as well (taking Cindy Lou Who's place), where Fat Albert tells the Grinch that he fucked his mom up and down like "a lemur trying to rip open a coconut" and taking a huge dump on her and throwing her down on the roof like a bowling ball.



Blind spider waifu
All these years later it's still impossible for me to watch this with a straight face. The part where he keeps shrinking and his voice gets higher and squeakier utterly destroys my sides.

Neoguri Ramyun

I'm giving everyone r-word pass