Videos you watched 10 years ago. -

Digital Thunder

Triple Bastard
I’d put “It’s Rip Snortin’ Time!” but the original upload finally got caught by Viacom (:_(
One of these got me into Kirby 64 but I can’t for the life of me find it again.

The 3rd Hooligan

I have no eyes but I must shitpost

Vlinny Chan

Alive during the Apocalypse.

The whole channel back then was something special to me
You have reminded me of these videos from back in the day that freaked me out and amazed me when I was alot dumber.

There was also this piss old video about Bachelor's Grove that had music in the background that's pretty nostalgic to me but I can't find the damn thing.

Book Thievery

あっち! こっち!
True & Honest Fan
I've just rewatched through the entirety of the Shadow of Israphel saga. The first episode was originally posted on December 2010 and the final episode posted in July of 2012, which somewhat stretches the definition of "ten years old."

It really pains me that they never finished this series. The music composed for this series could bring tears to the eyes of a statue.


This was the first YTP i've seen, or at least the first one that stuck around in my memory. Part of that was cause it was how I discovered the Angry Video Game Nerd and (RIP)

Speaking of.

And another classic ytp

Oh and as a random aside, the company who originally showed off the never released "Phantom" console is still around today as Phantom Labs, and they make Lapboards and other accessories.
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