Videos you watched 10 years ago. -

Still one of my favorite pieces of internet history. I still quote it every so often:

The best version of Hurt:

The memes for The Dark Knight back in 2008 were pretty dank:

Too bad X-Men: The Last Stand ruined this beautiful meme's legacy ... But I remember laughing to the point of tears the first time I saw it:

And here's the greatest Watchmen adaptation to date:
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Vincent Dawn
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This is one of the first YT videos I ever watched. Fuck, I feel old.

I remember that this video was re-uploaded to this channel. I have no idea what happened to the guy who made it but o remember on his channel he uploaded a video of his PSP's battery being fried.

I had to scan the thread to see if someone has posted these old gems of Hispanic cringe I clearly remember having watched in a family reunion a decade ago.

Yes, the girl is singing about drinking breast tard cum directly from the source.