view of the brooklyn bridge - livestream 9/7/2021 - In which Amber begins by saying "If it looks like I've been cryeeeeeen, it's because I have"

Herr Owen
Has anyone ever interviewed a hamber supporter? Like what do they see in her? She has absolutely zero redeeming features. I can understand feeders but who are all these randoms? Are they as dumb and delusional as she is? Today is the first time I've tried to watch her stream live and I had to bail after 3 min because of how irritating her and her audience are.

Screenshot 2021-09-07 182549.jpg
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What’s up with these retarded titles?
it’s funny because her last name is Francis. Idk the context behind the image (if she mentioned anything on stream cause I’m not watching right now) but just googling “Delaware blue hens jade” took me here.


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