Villains that you consider Sexy - Sometimes the dark-side is hot AF


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This dude is from Ben 10.

Ah, Evil Emperor Zurg. Shame we never got to see what he looks like underneath the armor.

OH BOY, NEGADUCK. Gotta enjoy that deep voice. And growls.


Oh yes, the Dark Ace from the forgotten show, Storm Hawks. Very nice.


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Alright, I'll come clean.

Zavok from Sonic Lost World is hot, I dunno why. The Miku hair, the purple* eyes, the voice. Did I mention his bara tits?
Along with how some artists draw him, it's great lemme tell ya.

(original artist is Beelzebold on Deviantart)
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I've already posted (most of) them in this thread, but I feel like fully explaining why I love these guys

This is Squadra Ezecuzioni, the minor villain team from Part 5 of JoJo, Golden Wind. They take center stage as being the primary threat in the first half of GW's story.
Here are the reasons I adore these lads:
  1. They're (arguably) sympathetic, both in goal (which is to take revenge on the Boss of Passione, the gang they used to be a part of, for killing two of their members - Sorbet and Gelato, which are the two guys on the top right of the image) and in personality (it is shown that they care for each other quite much).
  2. The most obvious reason - they're hot.
  3. The Part 5 anime gave them some banging tunes as theme songs.
  4. The fights against Squadra Ezecuzioni are (arguably) some of the best in JJBA as a whole (most of them, at least).

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Eartha Kitt as Catwoman. That voice...View attachment 768002
During one of her tours over here(late 60's/early 70's) a friend of the family got invited up on stage and sat on a chair while she did the purrrr and more or less gave him a lap dance. When it was time to get off stage he didn't move, he wouldn't move, how could he, he had the stiffy of a lifetime while wearing the thin pants of a suit. It wasn't like that she didn't anticipate it from that gag...

Always thought that was funny.

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