Villains that you consider Sexy - Sometimes the dark-side is hot AF

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Count groudon

Concentration camp counselor
True & Honest Fan
How does that guy even exist without having thirty heart attacks at the same time?
He’s actually a mutant whose power is that his body produces so much fat he has his own gravitational force and he’s immune to physical attacks.

He’s also a massive asshole.

Loopy Lew
I have a weird thing for Vincent from Silent Hill 3. He's not even attractive in the typical sense but I just love his manipulative and downright pathetic personality. Doesn't hurt that he gets the best line of the series bar none. I don't understand it either.

Also Eddie Gluskin from Outlast. Big muscley dude who is both abusive and a gentleman depending on absolutely nothing. Violent and willing to MAKE women since there are none for him to murder. The weird messed up face doesn't hurt either.