Villains that you consider Sexy - Sometimes the dark-side is hot AF

Cat Flatulence

Here to curiously psychoanalyse the exceptional
I quite liked Ramsay Bolton in GoT, and Brady Hartsfield in the lesser known TV adaptation of Stephen Kings "Mr Mercedes"

Overly Serious

There's a weird kind of not-beautiful-but-ticks-most-boxes physical attractiveness to her but chiefly it's her utterly awful personality that makes her sexy. Complete moral blackhole without some need to be "Evil". Just your basic 'nobody else is important' attitude.


Rebecca Bunch. Ridiculously intelligent, one of those faces that screams sex more than it does beauty and a figure built for fun. Also, total nightmare fuel for anyone who gets involved with her. More issues than Cosmopolitan - you can't tell me she's not the villain.