Villains that you consider Sexy - Sometimes the dark-side is hot AF

Doctor Placebo

Somebody asked for brains?

Pass. Looks like a 16 year old boy from a trailer park.


Famke Janssen always ranks pretty high for me, but she was pure sex as Xenia Onatopp.

Nice Watch.gif

This minor villain in Iron Man 3. The actress really pulled off sexy but still physically threatening in her fight scene in way not many women can. Damn I wish she'd had a larger role.



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Nihilanth didn't have jigglebones. Black Ops assassins did have jigglebones.
Yes, I'll admit the assassins are quite hot and I'd definitely let them step on me.

But... are they the supreme leader of an alien borderworld? Can they telepathically sooth me with warnings about the G-Man? Can they stop being annoying cunts that go flip and floop everywhere and shoot me with their shitty little suppressed pistols?

I don't think so.

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I'd fuck.

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>tfw no hot psychotic scientist supercomputer lady to torture humans run tests with and snuggle at night while the outside world gets fucked by an alien race

why even live, man?
Oh good, there’s another degenerate that wants to bone GlaDos. I don’t feel alone now.

I think it’s her voice and her attitude. Or maybe I have an unhealthy fixation on machinery.