Villains that you consider Sexy - Sometimes the dark-side is hot AF

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Some consider him an antihero and he does do some dark evil shit down the line, but I hugely disagree with him being completely villainous. If anything, he's more of a tragic hero and one of my all time favorites. I could sperg about Dragonlance for eons but out of all the charcters, Raistlin has to be the best.

Overly Serious

EDIT: I know some will not immediately be drawn to her face, but take a moment to look into those bottomless dark eyes, the almost mechanical precision of the side-swept hair and milimetre precise lipstick. Imagine the cool, analytical mind cradled within the fine bones of that skull and the sheer contempt for mankind that runs through it. A cold disdain for anything less than perfection, that craves a strong hand that dares correct it. 'Altruism is a disease.' she whispers in your ear as you grab her roughly... Now really, wouldn't you?
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Is Kaspar a villain though? I always thought that he was just an arms dealer neutral brother guy doing arms dealer things in the background. Y'know, like Orlov in Lord of War.
I don't consider anybody in that series "good".

Lonely Grave

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I don't consider anybody in that series "good".
Obviously nobody in Jormungand can be considered stock "good" (even the Medecins Sans Frontieres expys can be considered as selfish and foolhardy) nor can anybody considered outright "evil" (though that Orchestra dude comes close) - it's more of a grey-on-grey scenario where everyone looks out for their own interests.
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