Villains that you consider Sexy - Sometimes the dark-side is hot AF

Smaug's Smokey Hole

Epic has the right idea.
Take your pick:

Here a few in my opinion, I don't know what that says about me when I'm into these type of women:
View attachment 1593520Malshina (Akibaranger)View attachment 1593577Scorpina (Power Rangers)View attachment 1593524Divatox(Power Rangers Turbo)View attachment 1593547Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers 2017)View attachment 1593550The Baroness (GI Joe)View attachment 1593554Xenia (Goldeneye)View attachment 1593594Dark Queen (Battletoads)View attachment 1593596View attachment 1593600View attachment 1593613View attachment 1593621
That wiki is so retarded, 100% pure autis-oh there's a section for Italian comic books.