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Vinesauce is a video game streaming (twitch) website that play a wide variety of games: classic, bootlegs, new ones, weird shit, etc. They post the whole streamings on youtube. But sometimes the best videos are the highlights. Here are some random examples of it:


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spuper colly :D
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Vinesauce is hit or miss with me. Their community is terrible and I was driven out by their immaturity. Vinny also sometimes rubs me the wrong way because he kind of passive aggressively shit-talks people who send him their projects and games. I do think he has his moments though, and their corruption videos are a fun curiosity. Joel is okay, I'm not too familiar with the rest of the cast though.


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I must agree, Joel is the best. He's the main reason I'm into Vinesauce for the most part.
Ever watch his attempts at playing Shadow President? Always attempting to nuke Sweden.
Wasn't it Norway? He's Swedish I think? Also, his Sims videos are internet treasures.