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Reminder that Imakuni's stalker has his own thread on this very forum that he continually sockpuppets and tries to win our favor in.
That was a thing to read. Was there any follow up on Ima trying to get the police involved for the second time? The thread transitioned from that to Taylor having a mental breakdown and rapid firing the puppet show, without explaining further.

The charity stream is just gonna be what it will be, seems like there's drama every year so no shock there's drama this year, I doubt anyone will give a single shit what happens with the Tumblr blog about Fred. Ima sitting out probably just doesn't mean much either, it's a bunch of people trying to get together for a good cause regardless of whatever the hell happened, it's probably a mess but that seems like every fucking internet community is these days. Pretty weird how sometimes this thread is all sunshine and rainbows and pretending everything is gonna be fine for being on Kiwi. I realize I don't have many posts and this is on the "Games" thread but have some of you even looked at the rest of this site? This is a gossip website, anyone is welcome but the general consensus is that you're here to talk whatever the fuck you want without being a sperg if you can even manage that. It sure as hell isn't a hugbox and this thread never was regardless of how dumb some of the shit dragged around is.

So in other words, shit sucks sometimes but does it matter? This is just a place for laughing at dumb shit on the internet, it's up to you what's funny.


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Not him but that doesn't answer the question. What did @Edible Panties describe her as a "shit mom"? I've never followed Risa closely but I thought she and Donna got along well.


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What happened between Imakuni and her mother?
Not him but that doesn't answer the question. What did @Edible Panties describe her as a "shit mom"? I've never followed Risa closely but I thought she and Donna got along well.

From earlier this year:
Seems Imakuni finally opened up on why she's been silent lately. Some bad blood going on between her and her mom. (:_(

Poor Risa, she certainly doesn't deserve the mental anguish on top of her already-known physical ones. I hope things get better for her, and soon.

She had a boyfriend named Justin. Used to go by "tuuuubes" or something like that. This was a long time ago though.

It's rare to see such well-written posts aptly explaining the value of a website like this. Well done.

Assuming you're talking about what I think you're talking about, then I have to agree. No one, not even the worst people out there, deserve what she's been through. However it's important that people still take account for the mistakes they have made and own up to them going forward. Will this be the case? I think it's too soon to tell. But maybe come next year we will see much more positivity across the board with Vinesauce, for those that care.
From the username and writing style, your "Disagree" reaction to my latest post in your thread, as well as the fact that this is a brand new account, I'm 99.99% sure this is you, Taylor.
And I'd just like to ask: Do you even realize just how fucking stupid you are to post about her now, all things considered?
You DO realize how easy it is to verify that it's you and the magnitude of hot water you're in, yes?

Do you think this is a game? You're going to jail, kid.

Don't @ Me

I'm more curious how you got that epic picture of Donkey Kong, tbh. Shit is hypnotic.

But in all seriousness, after checking your post history I think I'd better put you on ignore because you 'bout to pull me into some schizo shit I don't want to be part of. lmao
Anyway thank you totally-not-Taylor for disagreeing with my question about Ima's court case against Taylor, and my comment about Taylor's mental breakdown. It was a good show of constructive criticism.

But anyway, you're not Taylor, and this isn't Taylor's thread, not-Taylor, sorry for bringing that up. I haven't started watching it yet, but I was thinking of watching the Rimworld series, season 1 at least. I've seen a few comments here say season 2 isn't great without chat, but does anyone else have opinions on that?


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Someone said Schizo 3 times and has summoned me, Why?
Also why is that weird boob stalker tranny here again

Unrelated, but can you please for the love of god fix your fucking space bar. Reading your posts gives me a headache.
It keeps fucking up not long after fixing but hoping it wont this time around.

On a different note , it looks like Vinny posted on Reddit about his computer shitting the bed again while recording Subnautica video. Uploads may be put on hold until it is resolved.

Someone said Schizo 3 times and has summoned me, Why?
Also why is that weird boob stalker tranny here again
Dude's got a 70+ page thread and loves being brought up, probably gets off on it, only way to get him to fuck off is to stop mentioning him but it seems that's been said before.
Is Subnautica really that cursed to the point it can bork a PC?
Sounds more like hardware gone bad if you go read under the latest video though it is interesting how it's always with Subnautica.


Completely new to this site and thread but was wondering if anyone has watched the last bit of the new Subnautica video? Around the 49 min mark, Vinny talks about being popular online and the idealisation of streamers, he also admits he misses the attention from chat. Its kind of weird to hear, and makes me feel bad for him that he feels there's "something lacking in (his) life" because of no chat. How deep down the streaming spiral do you have to be to say something like that? I can see why this break is a thing, though he definitely still reads Youtube and Reddit comments, which probably isn't helping. I don't mean to psychoanalyse but I have heard of streamers/Youtubers/etc becoming obsessed with reading mean comments about themselves like they enjoy the hurt, and I do think he engages in this a little. Idk what I wanted to get out of this post, just concerned for the guy, seems like a someone that deserves a happy life. Definitely streaming less will help, it'll also weed out some of the younger girls that really quickly develop parasocial relationships. Honestly, I think he should just retire from streaming completely for his own sake - but I do realise that would be letting a lot of other people win.

How deep down the streaming spiral do you have to be to say something like that?
Probably pretty quick, a few 100 viewers a night making you the center of attention, think how bad the ego of the "popular kids" got just from having the attention of, what, 20ish? 40ish? kids in their circle kissing their butt. I'm surprised streamers keep things as level as they do.
And then vinny would pull 1k/2k nightly, and then wayyy more on sundays or other bigger events. That shit has got to fuck up us social monke-brain humans big time.