Disaster Viral Video Shows Man Getting Tackled at Bagel Shop After Belligerent Rant About Women and Dating Apps - That's right Joe Pesci you show em!

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The manlet was being an asshole but the guy who tackled him for telling him to shut up was probably also an asshole. My opinion would be different if it were the guy whose face (more like chest tbh) he got up in that tackled or hit him, but it wasn't.
Nah, little shit was mouthing off at and sticking his finger in women's faces. That's a no-go, chief. And the big guy just tackled him, I don't think he gave him any shots to shut him up on camera so whatever.

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I clicked the thread all excited to laugh thinking it was a "manlet" but that dude was damn near a legitimate midget, so it was more sad than anything.

I mean I still laughed at it, but it was a laugh of "Aww that poor little fucker" thanI expected.
Yeah, I think the real asshole was the 'big person' who jumped the dwarf guy.


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The more I watch it, the more my sides hurt. It's fantastic, really.

Also, there's a "sequel" of sorts:


EDIT: Ninja'd by Superman93. Still, makes you wonder what started the whole thing, maybe one of those lardasses behind the counter sneered at him and the dude, being short-tempered and with a chip on his shoulder, snapped like that.

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oompa loompa doompity doo
I've got another puzzle for you
oompa loompa doompity dat
what do you get when you act like a twat?

bothering girls who want bagels in time
screeching bout whores who ignore you online
what are you at being a little brat?

what do you think will come of that?

the way that a manlet does

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