Virgie Tovar#losehatenotweight HAES, BoPo Snake Oil Salesman. Fat AF.

Discussion in 'Beauty Parlour' started by entropyseekswork, Oct 2, 2016.

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  2. "I think the truly bummer truth is that most stylists don’t get to work with fat models and are taught the same industry BS about minimization that most people in esthetician and beauty related fields learn. This is just pure fatphobia. The truth is that faces shouldn’t be minimized! Faces are important and amazing and deserve to take center stage."

    It says something (bad) about this online magazine that they give this freak her own column. Wear Your Voice Magazine could potentially be a lolcow goldmine. They publish articles with hilariously inflammatory titles regularly. One recent title reads:

    Lady Gaga: Performing and Discarding Freakishness is Another Example of Her White Privilege
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  3. Jesus. I could almost feel bad for her because she obviously lost a genetic dice roll and would look awful regardless of her weight with that face and proportions (I was shocked to find out she’s only in her early 30s). But her ugly personality comes through loud and clear. She has the body she deserves.
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  4. Fucking christ. [​IMG]
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  5. Literal jowls.
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  6. She came to talk at my school and people went crazy for her. Honestly it was freakish. When did we decide as a society that we were going to start listening to crazed fatties?
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  7. WAIT she's 33? I guessed about 40-45.

    Woo weight ages you fast.
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  8. That article is a good find, it gives insight into her crazy.

    I think most people can sympathize with unrequited love, but to care so much TEN YEARS later that you know even looking them up and seeing some pictures about how their life is going is masochistic to yourself. ie: "painslut" That's the hallmark of an unhealthy person.

    Virgie is one of these fat activists who talk about conventionally attractive women as if they're not real people. She talks about this guys wife as if she's made of clouds and butterflies and was just summoned into the universe to reward him for saying no to fatties.

    She's so revolted with health and activity. Most marathons I know of are usually tied to charity work and she finds them unoriginal. It's funny because she feels all these bad discontented feelings but it hits a brick wall of cognitive dissonance before it can soak into her giant oily pores.

    There is that mystery solved.

    I still can't get over her age though, she looks like a middle aged woman. I know 50 year old women's who look more fresh faced than her.

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  9. She's looks like an asian Trigglypuff. And what's with these landwhale SJWs adopting late 50's early 60's reminiscent fashion?

    Pro tip fatties: Bettie Page wasn't a symbol of being sexy/healthy at any landwhale size, and is currently rolling in her grave at your groups usage of her as a plus sized sex symbol.

    Edit: Is she striving to be white trash symbolism with all that animal print drapery known as landwhale clothing? Someone donate some white rimmed sunglasses to complete the aesthetic.
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  10. Get the eye bleach out.
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  11. As an amateur photographer, this hurts me. That poor camera will never be clean again. The composition is okay, though.

    inb4 getting rated autistic :^)

    Edit: thanks, @acceptable
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  12. Can you imagine being on holiday and just needing to take a shit but this troll is stewing in the bathtub, rose petals clinging to every roll, asking you to hear her poetry about a one night stand?

    Is nothing sacred?
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  13. I know it's been said a million times before but what is with these fat activists trying to look as disgusting as possible? Why would you work so hard against what you've got? It's like they have some moral obligation against any attempt to look even passable. Like, Goddamn, if you don't want to lose the weight then fine, but at least try to exhibit decent hygiene, wear somewhat flattering clothes that fit you, etc.
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  14. Visited the photographers wobsite. Seems like he does shoots for anybody who pays him money to get some photos taken for their own website/book jacket/orgy newsletter
    Edit: Shiloh is a girl oh boy is her "I masturbate..." project something
    "Author/educator/fierce fatty"
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  15. So not bringing you around a bunch of people she knows you hate, and her not wanting to hang around a bunch of your awful friends who would also hate her, means your friend is a keeping you a secret (a word I'm sure her friend never used)? The friend knowing she was also the type of person Virgie hated so much probably had to wear on her too.

    Guys banging you and then not wanting to know you the next day happens to all women, even attractive ones. Maybe if you could control your urges a little better and not do a guy you barely know, you'd end up with ones that see you as more than a moist hole.
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  16. what pisses me off is that she thinks the only reason people dont want to fuck her, is because shes fat.

    news flash:
    foundation does not hide the huge ass craters in your face.
    your hair looks like a dora the explorer cosplay wig.
    even Macklemore wouldn't wear the shitty cloths you wear.
    your resemblance to Consuela is fucking uncanny.
    i would much rather listen to asthmatic pug then hear you talk about yourself.

    so no, being fat doesn't necessarily mean your gross, unless your just a gross person underneath all that blubber. which in this case, you are.
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    acceptable dont panic, its organic.
  17. It's not about "minimization" you fucking dingbat, it's about color and shape theory. Artistic standards. I learned more about color and shape coordination in one month of cosmetology school than I did in all my AP Art classes combined.

    I do agree that faces should take center stage. That's why everyone should seek out haircuts that make them look their best. Certain things just aren't going to work on everybody.

    I was thinking about this "article" last night at work, while absently hanging and tagging clothes, and a thought struck me... Where do people get the idea that only certain people can like certain things? I very seriously doubt that Lady Gaga thinks that her music is solely for the "monsters" out there, it's for anyone who can find a connection and get enjoyment out of it. How hard is that to understand?
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  18. Speaking as someone who regularly commutes by subway, anyone who takes up seats with their belongings should be exiled to a small island somewhere.

    I think it's because 50s fashion looks good on women who are curvy or a bit chubby (and know how to wear it). Above a certain weight, though, it doesn't so much flatter as highlight.
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