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Couldn't find any decent images for doing the meme template, so I'll have to post a text version. Beat Super Robot Wars T recently, here's the Virgin UND (enemy faction) vs. the Chad T3 Autonomous Corps (good guys) from that game.

The UND Virgins

1. Has to make people sign contracts, tries to kill them if they leave.
2. Rigid command structure that allows no room for tactical or strategic flexibility.
3. Made multiple star systems their bitch, owned by a bunch of backwater Earthlings.
4. Has the latest tech money can buy, gets killed by shit literally thousands of years old and still better.
5. Couldn't get anything done unless they had Earth traitors helping them, still got owned.
6. Offered generous sign on bonuses to other team, other team still got their best troops for free.
7. Got one of their fleets wasted, gave the hell up.

The T3 Autonomous Chads

1. Everyone is a volunteer, no one ever leaves once they join on.
2. Command structure is mix of military and civilian, very flexible tactics and strategy.
3. Punched out several beings able to destroy universes, UND barely a challenge by comparison.
4. Has some literal museum piece tech, still kicks the ass of aliens and physical gods with it.
5. Got shit done on a shoestring budget.
6. Chose principles over greed, got more money out of it anyway.
7. Got fucked over by all sorts of soldiers, politicians, and even the laws of reality, still didn't give up and kicked the ass of all the above.
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Good luck with that after slouching up to them while they keep shooting up until point blank range and then being able to even fight in all that armor against the bowmen who weren't even tired when it got to hand to hand.
You are making the somewhat unjustified assumption that the French soldiers were somehow moving towards the English. I think the diagram shows the correct orientations.