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Whoever started the recent trend of anti-Vulcan, pro-Archer memes should be commended. I love this shit.
I didn't realize that was a thing, haha. I was just cross-posting after I made that for the Star Trek thread on here the other night. (I was responding to a funny post that @Cyril Sneer made before that.)


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the history major ones are my personal faves
Late AF but here's a fact supported by reputable history books
In fact at one point the Uyghurs were Machineans and were that to both distinguish themselves from their neighbors and to be middlemens
I was literally wondering if there was a Spider-Man one of these. I'll take goofy Toby Spidey over that lame paint-by-numbers Avengers fanboy any day.
But I'd still take the fanboy over the Sony "amazing" attempt
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The Virgin Detective Vic Mackey
>Bald, looks like a thumb
>Every bit as crooked as the gangsters he's against
>Has a whole Strike Team, Farmington is still a crime-ridden shithole
>Got cucked by Antwon Mitchell and sold out his last remaining friend
>Hated by everyone in the LAPD
>His gay friend Julian is a self-hating fundie so deep in the closet he's in Narnia
>Carries a Desert Eagle in the final season, is clearly compensating
>Son is a low-functioning autistic sped
>Edgy cable drama on discount HBO knock-off in the 2000's, forgotten today
>Soundtrack is nothing but Kid Rock and shitty early 2000's nu-metal

The Chad Sheriff Andy Taylor
>Magnificent head of hair
>Paragon of moral virtue and a pillar of the community
>Deputy Fife is an incompetent slack-jawed faggot, still keeps the coloreds out of Mayberry
>Shot Otis and went to Emmet's Fix-It Shop to "fix" Emmet
>Is one of the most cherished men in Mayberry
>Gomer Pyle is out loud and proud, and fought for our freedom in 'Nam in the Marine Corps
>Doesn't carry a gun even when he's on duty, has a huge schlong
>Son goes to high school with The Fonz and grows up to become an acclaimed director
>Sappy G-rated 1950's Americana, is still aired in syndication all over the country
>Soundtrack is full of lovely bluegrass tunes and the most iconic whistling in history