Virgin vs. Chad memes -

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aight fuck it

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The Virgin Carl Chryniszzswicstein vs The Chad Johnny Bravo

-3 digit IQ but laughs and talks like a retard
-Everything he invents backfires
-Stupid Jimmy Neutron turd hair
-Used to be the bully, is now the bullied
-Doesn't even lift bro
-Probably gay
-Still a virgin
-"Remember to visit your local library kids!"
-1 digit IQ but talks like Elvis with 5-digit IQ catchphrases
-Invented ultimate exercise and diet routine
-Slick Super Saiyan Aryan Elvis Pompadour
-Incarnation of Poetic Justice
-Perfected lifestyle means he can be as lazy as he wants yet stay /fit/
-Straight as the arrows of Chiron
-Not a virgin
-"Remember kids, if she says 'no' it means 'yes'!"
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