Trainwreck Virgo Rouge / Jamie Morse / Marissa Morris/Elienne/Marchant/Elene Nadieja / Rachzel Grezbian - Musician, "Culture comes out of Genetics", Gangstalking Nut, Pedo Apologist, Ever Changing Aliases.

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Dec 29, 2016
This is my first post, so I apologize if it's not very good/well made. I've lurked for a few months. I searched for a thread about her in case there already was one, but all I could find was someone mentioning her in a random post.


Her website:

Virgo Rouge is a delusional, narcissistic artist/singer/composer with many sockpuppet accounts to make it look like she has fans and she pretends to be people she hates. For example:

Marissa has deleted at least 5 YouTube channels. While we wait for more videos to stay up, you can check out her archives at
Internet Archive:
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Oct 9, 2016
I have a feeling this thread will be a slow grow, but will explode when she tries to file something with cloudflare


When I was still on social media this chick had some odd obsession with Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues.
She would unleash her crazy on photos fans would post of MB concerts.
Her writing was so nonsensical but I think she was either accusing Hayward of stealing her music or not wanting her because she was too talented and too much woman.


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Jan 1, 2017
I'm excited to see any possible "litigation" coming from this. She reminds me of the typical Seattle 'art-loving' hipster.

Jan 9, 2017

She has been all over the comments in this video. Follow the video to the comment thread. She thinks she is better than the artist in the video.

Here is one of the highlights -
IXCygnus XI3 weeks ago
+virgorouge Just heard two of your videos. You don't compare to her talent, and she can't even see. LMAO. Judging by the comments on your videos, you are just a drama queen. Bye bye troll.

virgorouge3 weeks ago
+IXCygnus XI Be specific...Listen to my jazz video..I play jazz on spot and compose music on improv...I you saying she is a better singer than I am? Greg Lake made ELP...Emerson was not the only person that made that band. What you saying is the singing is not important part of music. Which songs did you listen to ? I write all my music...She is not writing her music...Why do you think that I am talentless? You do you are against ..Princial Edwards Magic theater too.. You are not into long haired, opened minded people. TALK ABOUT music like you know what you talking about...key modulations..compositions..vocal tone..You know NOTHING about music. YOU are UPTIGHT and short haired and conservative...You are NOT opened minded to today music that is progressive. YOU TROLLL and LIAR...keep lying on the net..

virgorouge3 weeks ago
+IXCygnus XI Talk about it in detail...if you know more about music than I specific...why am I am inferior to Rachel? I am writing all my music and compose music on over twenty instruments...I am arranging film music..and arrange music for OVER twenty instruments....You know nothing nothing real!!!! Stop lying on net...You are a troll...that industry died in seventies..she is nowhere on their level...and they all focused on great singing and great writing....not just instrumentation...You know nothing about what you are talking aboiut....all the bands of that era had great singers...YOu are saying that Rachel is a better singer than I am...? That singing is no longer part of prog?

virgorouge3 weeks ago
+IXCygnus XI Something that Keith never did, is play all the instruments on all his records and sing...I play keyboards, guitars, and arrange for over twenty instruments and sing Opera too..and I am a seasoned Jazz musician......I am like ELP in one person...there are other people like me outside of that industry. Get used to are a jealous troll..lying person who knows nothing about music. You are a your short your business uptight square...we collectively are going to get lying uptight , jealous conservative short haired bigots out of the industry!!!!!!!!!!!! You use the net to troll artists...I speak, the truth..I also promote Principal Edwards Magic theater..None commercial music...There are people who are better than some commercial acts. You are opened minded enough to understand music or art...

virgorouge3 weeks ago
+IXCygnus XI Show your short hair, you are so conservative, uptight and I would like to see your business suit too. I know what you look like,..conservative..NOT opened mind to artistic types...I dance visual art...Rachel is more conservative..for conservatives like yourself who hate people who are artistic types...I do theatrical things...You are opened minded enough to be into Princial Edwards Magic Theater...too expansive for a uptight, conservative short haired bigot like yourself...who hates artistic people...who sing...You can not be specific about why I am less talented than Rachel...but Rachel fits into your hate on progressive and expansive people mentallity..You are NOT opened minded and NOT into any talented people...YOu are a lying TROLL...tonedeaf....we will overcome conservative short haired uptight SQUARES...I dance..I make you do not dance either SQUARE...go on reddit...since you do not dance or listen to music. square...go slander me on reddit since you do not like artistic people.

virgorouge3 weeks ago (edited)
+IXCygnus XI Princial Edwards Magic Theater deserves more attention than Rachel...and people like you on the net. I have nothing against her disability...I am only talking in terms of music now. People like me and Principal Edwards Magic Theater are more innovative, creative than people like this...Why should she be getting more views and more praise than people as talented as Principal Edwards Magic Theater? Because of a lack of openess, maturity, depth and understanding of what talent is...the short haired conservative, square bigots who keep claiming that Rachel is the end all to Prog today protect her because she is blind. Music is not about being blind or sighted.. it is about art..period...

virgorouge3 weeks ago
+IXCygnus XI Rachel's fans HATE me, because I am into creativity, NOT for conservatives...Look at her fans..they are short haired conservatives...not like the opened mindness...I am into Principal Edwards Magic Theater and they deserve more hits than Rachel...because they are NOT for conservatives...I am also into atonal, avant gard music...not for conservatives...especially around LA...where all the conservatives congregate....ELP became very conservative..short haired..that is why they love Rachel and not people lik eme. They were NOT opened minded to artistic people....WE are collectively going to get rid of conservatives who are ruining our art world...
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Mar 4, 2015
I have a feeling this thread will be a slow grow, but will explode when she tries to file something with cloudflare.

@BigPharma, do you have any tweets or other screencaps of nuttery?
Good prediction from December.

This chick needs to close her mouth when she's dancing. She looks like a fish flailing around and trying to breath out of water.

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Apr 24, 2016
"Virgo Rouge" and "Marissa Elienne" have KF as the 5th result on google.
"Marissa Marchant" and "Maerisza Sabrael" have us and ED come up first. does ED have a place where they post take down notices? she's probably filed one there.


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Feb 3, 2013


Nov 14, 2012
It was only after moving over 1000 posts to a new thread did I realize she joined and started posting on the first page of a 50 page thread.

So this is a new thing I'm trying that's been suggested for a long time.

If you want to talk or directly reply to Marissa, post here:

If you want to post a video or something else she's made off-site, and discuss that without her being able to reply, post in this thread.