Virtual YouTubers -

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General Coughing Cyborg Man
So I’ve been sort of interested in the concept of Virtual YouTubers over the past few days, it started when I stumbled on Kizuna Ai’s channel.

Her videos aren’t actually that bad, even if they are created by a soulless corporate machine. I was skeptical to even call it a her before I found out she’s mocapped by her VA. Are there any actual good ones aside from her or are they all just cringey?

The only other virtual youtuber I know of, is this one named Ami Yamato:

I don't what her videos that much, but based on her channel trailer video along with the stuff she uploads, she seems to upload random stuff for her to talk about, but for the most, she seems to be more of a vlogger-type YouTuber; detailing and showcasing places she's been while in this CGI/virtual form.

Can't exactly say whether or not her videos are good, you'll have to have look through yourself to see if she's cringe-worthy or not.