Virtual Youtubers - it's okay to be a simp for 2D


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"A virtual YouTuber (バーチャルユーチューバー, or VTuber) is an online entertainer, typically a YouTuber and/or live streamer, who is represented by a (usually anime-inspired) digital avatar generated by computer graphics."

Anyone else been down into this rabbit hole? It first started with this meme video where an anime girl sings Scatman.

And from there on I watch like half of these streamers whenever I get bored or just watch the translated clips on YouTube.


Anybody else been getting into Virtual Youtubers as of late? Who's your favorite?
I considered doing it myself but I refuse to use a shitty anime avatar and I don't want to learn Maya to animate my own cartoon character because that's far too much effort for YouTube


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Do many people even watch her that much anymore? She kinda died off in popularity a lot last I checked.

I'm not sure, tbh. I haven't been paying attention to her numbers. I still watch her time to time, but definitely not as much as I used to.