Virtual Youtubers - it's okay to be a simp for 2D

No, this is false. There’s an image floating around of them being scared of how big EN was getting, I think around the time Gura really started climbing. I got the version with translations to the side, which is a little scuffed, but also the raw. I’ll post it when I wake up in a few hours.
Yeah, that's what I mean as well, they want nothing to do with en side, one of the reason for Artia desperate struggle to remain relevant by attacking Cover and Coco was because CN fans compared Holo CN to shork girl's grown.
I suppose that image dates back to the period when Condommates seethe about Neet x Ame (Ame dox).

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Coco tried her best.

"Pink is just white red" was the one that killed me on that stream

Edit: checking Kiara minecraft stream and there is a CN translator there, immediately was put on notice
Prob a Taiwanbro or a diehard CN fan from the mainland, the rest have zero reason to watch EN now that bb has its own bargain brand chuuba. Unless Coco brings them up again, EN is untouchable.

Kiara finally nailed a collab with Pekora, hope she explain her thirst for her pillow
Doesn’t Pekora have a shitton of merch of some of the others? Could have sworn she talked about her Holo obsession somewhere. Bunny should be able to relate, if a bit weirded out standing on the other side of the interaction now.

Speaking of Pekora, has she mentioned her 1 mil sub goal of outing herself as a chuuba to her parents recently?


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I'm looking forward to more TRPG streams, especially if they can work some of their basic visual accompaniments into the video. TRPG content has been so pozzed by Critical Role that I need something else to cleanse my palate.


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Alright, was gone for 20 pages, what did I miss?
Hololympics, Gura sang Country Roads, bugmen continue to be blown out, Kiara started a talk show, Kahani Kira retired for his health, we've had an influx of /jp/ posters and at least one ESL who info-posted about a bugman ringleader I think, a couple more EN vtubers have emerged, domo looks like a chubby Elliot Rogers, speds got mad about Calli giving an interview on the Trash Taste podcast and acknowledging the tranny shark, HoloID is on the rise with PekoMoona and Risu's NotstopNutNovember.

Probably some other stuff too but that's all I remember.