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Gen 2 would make the most sense. Yagoo did mention slowing down in his Coco interview, but auditions had already been underway. If it is, then it would have been a year in between gens which I would prefer. I think JP might’ve been 6 months between each other but I don’t remember. Gamers gen 2, where you at though. Then they can slow down

He's been saying that since around the time of Aloe's departure. August/September 2020 really rocked their boat and it makes sense Cover have wanted to steady the ship (their words, not mine). And for JP that has been true: with no Gen 6, Gamers 2, nor V-Singer audition having been opened in over a year now.

For EN, though, the audition has already come and gone. We know for a fact that they're on the way.

Take it with a pinch of salt as I don't understand how it all works, but /vt/ have allegedly discovered that the runtime of the premiere video is just shy of 2 minutes long, which I feel makes it too short for a collab song containing 6 members. It also makes it slightly longer than the EN1 debut teaser, which admittedly doesn't mean anything.

That said, IRyS was given a huge countdown before her teaser, so I think dropping EN2 with a cryptic video and no buzz from the official accounts on Twitter/Reddit is an...interesting...move, to say the least.


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Yeah was about to say, it got to the point where they basically asking and promoting it for people to get it done. I know some people don't like TT but fuck it, this helps explain a bit, I even picked the highlight bit so it easier watch now.
They had to promote getting the jab now because people are just not having over in Nippon land now. So you might start seeing most of the JP crew having it soon ish.
I've actually been getting Japanese Covid Vaccine ads on youtube. I'm American. Really getting sick of it. Just let people be.

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I think Mori got her so soon because her connections to TT. She went same day as they went first time and second time as well.
And both times they had sex with her.


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- The big one is the soundtrack one who is @LAUR1200. Who seems to make some quite hardcore dubstep sounding like trackss. Not really my taste personally more of Future funk kind of guy.
Laur's actually got more variety than that, mainly things like frenchcore/speedcore/psy-trance, but he does dabble in other things too, like hardstyle, dubstep, or apparently even metal. He's got a tendency to mix in a classical motive a lot of the time, so honestly a good candidate for an IRyS song, considering they're giving her lore that minimal edge. That said, I don't really remember Laur ever making a track with vocals, so I'm not sure if this is actually an MV, especially if it really is just two minutes.


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Are we entering the Fansub-tier memes of flashy intros and outros in the Vchuba scene?