Virtual Youtubers - it's okay to be a simp for 2D, just don't thirstpost


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Kson just waited until the end of Prelude to announce she is going to stream jajajajaja

2021-07-31 20.11.34 580bc30c62f4.jpg

Tempered expectations indeed. I'm assuming there is some references and hints in the words and backgrounds but I'm not edumicated or well read enough to get it. I'll let the nerds work it out.

I am very confused right now wtf was that I mean irys narrated it but what was even her involvement other than that?

Well Ame doesn't know what it was, or at least she's not saying anything else other than telling people to wait for more, and to try and figure out what it could mean. She seemed almost mad when the video ended just like that.

She has now gone back to cursing and raging at mario like the thing didn't happen.



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That was interesting and overall fine. I'm glad I lost track of time with work because I'd be upset if I missed something important.
I wasn't expecting anything big so I'm okay with the results. It's also only 8 pm.

What I learned about IRyS. She's as old as time itself. That's it, that's what we learn. Glad I didn't expect much.
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