vlog | bad news, chicken kabob recipe, & dollar tree makeup - AL goes sideways to fit in frame -

how now brown cow


We get to see the progress of Becky's picture. AL still hasn't taken that nail polish off. her stubby fingers. Becky cooks some dinner that looks yum, I'd eat it. AL is working on her dot to dot and giving us blow by blows on her progress. She claims she likes it because it makes her brain work. This is the level of her intellect, that dot to dot is intellectually challenging for her.

Becky goes into a shop and buys a few bits and pieces, including a new journal for AL and a tablecloth, even though they acknowledge they dont actually have a table, but are sure they will figure out what to do with it.

AL is having vegetable biryani for dinner. She can't say biryani and isn't even going to try.

I think she forgot to share the bad news. The only thing that *could* be bad news that she shares is that their car has been recalled, but they say that this is a good thing, because AL was worried it was her weight that was making the tires go flat. Title is clickbait.
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1. This was almost bearable on 1.5x speed.

2. Amber's word of the day seems to be "subconscious" because she uses it (mostly incorrectly) two or three times in a 20 minute video.

ETA: There is no bad news discussed in the video. Total clickbait headline. The video contains Becky's crap cooking + fourth-grade coloring, their going to an automatic carwash and managing to fuck it up by not letting it rinse the car all the way off, Becky going to Spirit Halloween and spending money on cheap tack, and Amber spending 30 seconds at the tail end talking about how important it is for her to show the aforementioned fourth-grade coloring.


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the title is clickbait?
Of course it is. It always is when it's coming from Amber.

Poor Wasabi. Little guy was just relaxing on Amber's clothes and they go in there to bother him.

tbh that's the best possible use for her tarps

I see Amber is still making Becky create filler content for her videos. I don't know why she says "this is Becky" yes we know, you two sound nothing alike.

Well, we can't really call her Benzo Becky anymore, she seems very alert now.

Amber used to love the cold but now she's discovered she likes the heat better. Yes, Amber, that's common in elderly, post menopausal women, especially if they have shitty circulation.

She changes clothes (into a dress) to be more comfortable. RIP those actual shirts she just bought, now that she's back in gaining mode she won't be wearing those again any time soon.

She bought more fucking earrings :story:

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The bad news is that the vehicle has been recalled, for an issue that Amberlynn thought her weight was causing. All it will take is a trip to the dealer, and Becky laments that they will need new tires.

Fucking forbid money go towards things that are actually needed vs a halloween tablecloth that they don't even have a table for :story:


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Seriously, where the hell will they put all this shit? The trash as soon as the holiday is over?? :story:
Donate to Destiny and Dana, or, the dumpster if they don't want it. You can't expect her to keep it, can you? She'll need the space for when she goes shopping for all new shit a year from now!


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Those pink squares she is using to hide something white at the top of the fridge. A doctor’s appointment notification maybe? I hope someone better than me can get a SS. It only shows up for a millisecond but it’s there.
I spent ages trying to get it but its pointless. Its a piece of paper with miniscule writing on it. Its probably some shit with her ssn on it and her weight.



My God that's so much Halloween shit. She literally buys for the spur of the moment. There is no way she will keep this stuff after Halloween is over. She will literally just give it away or throw it out and waste money. As Amberlynn fucking does.

Also notice the journal in the left corner, untouched.

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She changes clothes (into a dress) to be more comfortable. RIP those actual shirts she just bought, now that she's back in gaining mode she won't be wearing those again any time soon.

She bought more fucking earrings :story:

No need for shirts with the way shes packing on the pounds. At least our Gorl has plenty of moomoos for this weight gain journey that she's back on

Why would you waste so much time and energy for Haloween as an adult with no children... Oh... they are the children...

No need for kids when everyone in the house is mentally under the age of 13

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