vlog | bad news, chicken kabob recipe, & dollar tree makeup - AL goes sideways to fit in frame -


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Seeing all that Halloween crap I think someone who has the time to spare should prepare a list of all the items Amber bought and when we finally get Halloween decorated house tour (or generic vlog around Halloween time) we play the game of finding as many items as possible and finding all the items that have not been used despite being bought.

Is anyone willing to sacrifice?

You're very optimistic in thinking that she will even decorate in the first place.
That shit is decorating the bed until after Thanksgiving.


She doesn't need a sleeping schedule because she does fuck all all day


God what a fucking punchable face, how the fuck can she sit in the car like that


I know what works for meeeee

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... is their car that old? A 2012 model would be less than 10 years old...

I don’t think that it’s that old, but it’s probably at the age that it needs occasional repair, and most likely way overdue on basic maintenance, outside of oil changes.

Edit to clarify, I don’t think 2012 is that old for a daily driver

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My takes on this vlog:

- Is it now the Mon or Tue vlog? Probably bolth.

- For someone who considers herself a “creator”, she really does not know how her camera operates and how to properly edit a video. Nothing says poor videotaping like a huge pink square. There are quite a few online tutorials who should help her. Nah. Why bother? People will watch whatever rubbish she spews out. It is her “job” after all.

- She complains about now being able to have a restful night while not treating her sleep apnea. She really takes her health seriously indeed.

- She worried about Dollar Tree make-up going on her face while putting hair conditioner on said face. Okay. Why the full-face make-up every time she goes out?

- The mirror picture tells us that the WL “journey” has come to a screeching halt.

- Becky cooking is rather unappetizing but is a light-year better than anything Amber can concoct. It is unlikely that Amber would eat it. The comment from Amber about having onion in it was uncalled for.

- Enough with the primary school level colouring and connect the dot explanations. I know that she needs filler content but come on!

- Great, they are going to a car wash. The conversation is insane.

- Why did Amber not go to the Spirit of Halloween store with Becky? Oh right, no mobility scooter. More Halloween rubbishes.

- I am convinced that all the Curvy comments at the end of the vlogs are planted by Amber to help her respond to her negative comments and to try to obfuscate her audience.


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In the opening sideways shit Al looks like she face planted on her ballsack chin. If she did it would have caused a lot more damage than just a bruised chin so I guess it's just her usual decomp. She really does look like death on a cracker.
Five year olds with mommy's camera could make better vlogs--"Oooo, look at da kitty; dis is a pickcher I colored; mommy bought me dis scwary neckless; I halped cook dinner!" You get the idea. It would be cute with a 5 year old; a 500 pounder--not so much.

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It was fun listening to her mangle the word 'mauve' - only good part of the video & certainly not intentionally so on her part.

When she freaks out over touching that left behind drink on the park bench - what happened to always carrying hand sanitizer? The correct response to accidently touching something like that is to simply use, (without the drama), some hand sanitizer. Funny though how that freaked her out but she'll touch anything in a store without worries.

She mentioned before because she didn't have a full length mirror, she didn't properly SEE how big she is. She won't be able to claim that now & as well as packing on more fat on her ass & back hump, look at her lower legs. They're larger than most peoples' trunk area.

Becky mentioned the recall letter was sent to her - suggests to me that the car was bought in her name. Unless Amber just handed her the letter to dear & deal wit because... effort.


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Oof those kebabs were something else! While the ingredients were ok (sliced mushrooms instead of half or whole but ok), the preparation turned them into abortions on a stick. For someone who ate a lot of home cooked meals Becky is ignorant about you properly marinade chicken. You dont drench the whole thing in dressing, your marinade the meat dear, then you skewer it and add seasoning. Also, you can cook kebabs on the rack in the oven if you don't have a grill; that way it doesn't become a soupy sloppy mess.

Notice how there isn't any footage of them eating that garbage.

I like how they are treating that whoopty like its a fucking Lamborghini, air leaking out of the tires because the weight limit has been exceeded (fuck a recall), suspension is shot because that little car wasn't built to haul around the weight equivalency of a fully grown bull moose everyday, the springs/ cushion in that passenger seat must be ruined and probably looks like a bucket seat now. Becky, Walmart isnt the only establishment to get your car serviced, there are places that just deal with tires, there is a Discount Tire where they live, why not take it there?.

Amber loves her some Hocus Pocus but doesn't seem to recognize that the eye is from The Books of Spells.

Vegetable Biryani is 520 calories.