vlog | double date & 500 pound outfit of the day - 9/15/20 -


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This video is boring af, of course.

Becky is talking for almost half of the 21 minute video. Amber complains for the first minute of the video then around 5 minutes in the spends 4 minutes complaining even more. She's whining about filming and having no content - while talking to Becky who's off camera.

She's definitely going to ditch the mon wed fri schedule because she's "mentally unable" whatever that's supposed to mean. She pats herself on the back for still uploading this video. Umm, ok? A shitty vlog that you make a lot of money off of, thanks, I guess??

Amber is in distress because she doesn't know how to fix this top because of her boobies showing, I don't know. Anyway, clearly! There is a string you can tie to pull the sides together. No one cares about your saggy B cups on your 500 pound body lol
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I can't believe the arrogance of this spotty faced turd, She's trying to decide about doing vlogs, really? WTF is she going to do for money? She seems to forget that subs and views pay for all of her shit that she buys yet she continues to lie and talk to them like crap. And in that full shot of her, whatever weight she lost she has put it all back on, she is friggin huge and that includes the size of the pox on her face. I so want to see her lose subs and veiws, these ambabies are brain washed. The US government need to use ALR as a torture tactic when questioning spies because I am sure just watching a couple of her vlogs would make them commit suicide.

a dinosaur

ETA: When and why did Hannah and Rafe decide to orbit around Amber again ? I haven't been paying a lot of attention since the cancer saga

Free gifts, free Torrid and Ipsy hand-me-downs, free room and board in Lexington, maybe free Cheesecake Factory too? For the low, low price of just gas, Rafe and Hannah can escape to the big city and live large on Amberlynn's dime. Same reason Dana and Destiny show up.

Amber’s period hole

Point blank period hole.
Big gorl flexes her seat belt, struggles to fasten it for 21 seconds.
Also, nice scabs

ETA: When and why did Hannah and Rafe decide to orbit around Amber again ? I haven't been paying a lot of attention since the cancer saga
The last time we saw them was at Becky’s birthday, which was during Vlogmas I think. Before that, it was during the 94 days of uploading, around August. They come around every now and then, but twice this month. Maybe they lost their job with the pandemic and need Amber’s money/clothes?

Edit: I’m dyeen. At 12:37 she tries to say “grazie” (“thanks” in Italian) but she pronounces it like an Italian would pronounce “grassi”, which means “fats”. It’s too good to be true.
(For those wandering, “grazie” is GRAH-tzee-eh, while “grassi” is GRAHS-see).
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how now brown cow

I tried to watch this but these videos are like pulling teeth. I gave up when she started singing "I don't know" and admitting she has nothing to talk about. How on earth does she expect anyone to be able to watch this shit. Does she admit that her weight has gone over 500lbs in the video? Or is that just clickbait?


Wanna do some magic?
Y'know what would really bring in the views?

1. Laaaayyyyygsss!
2. New butler! The current help is boring.
3. The big 600 elbees.
4. Death.
5. Cooking failures. Watching her butcher simple meals is always frightening.

Just anything that isn't this dull nothingness. Amber has barely been worth watching and has become a terribly boring cow. She just needs something to spice things up.