vlog | double date & 500 pound outfit of the day - 9/15/20 -

literally low-key

Amber says, "I love how I said footage, I'm such a you tuber".

Amber says, "I'm just not in the vlogging headspace". (then go away)

Amber says, "I have a ton of scrunchies and I just ordered some more".

I hate that voice she uses when she mocks the people who leave shitty comments. Becky does the same thing.

I say, "I've never hated Amber more"!

Edited to add: That is not what one-stop shop means. Not even close!
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The Ambeast is always trying to be sexual, which is creepy as fuck. The last time I saw 'tits' like that, they were on a very overweight, 60-something.... man.
As for worrying about people sitting near them, no one would do that, even before the pandemic. You don't just need a mask near the Ambeast, you need a gas mask and a full bio-hazard suit.
No one, who had just lost a loved one, would watch a movie about the same kinda thing happening - no one! These fucking hillbillies are as weird and creepy as fuck.
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Amber's use of the phrase "one-stop-shop" ..... :story: In her mind it means "Buying something and only wearing it once."

Amber says she buys clothing to wear once then "recycles" it, and that there is nothing wrong with that.
Huh, how about supporting fast fashion and sweatshops, yep, nothing wrong with that!


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It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of bread stick baskets and the age of Necky eating crayons, it was an epoch of forced sexless kisses, it was the epoch of flashing the neighbors Hambucket’s snoopy titties, it was a season of scrunchies, it was a season of long nails for human and beast, it was the Spring of hoarding, it was the Winter of credit card debt...

I don’t feel bad for Necky anymore, she chose this.

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Wow she is really feeling herself isn't she? It's funny because its probably the roughest she has ever looked.

Loved the justification for sticking up for a literal child abuser (and the other abusers she has aligned herself with) having the SC rant being excused because she spoke out in anger and she isn't going to apologise for it because anger is a normal human emotion (aka she is looking forward to recording the next one).

Desperately wants to be jUsT LiKe tHe OthEr PROFESSIONAL YoUTubERs except she flat out refuses to actually do the professional work involved, yet expects to get that earned respect from her viewers just given to her, all the while losing her temper and berating them when ever she feels like it. Don't get to have it both ways dumbass.

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It's really hard to grasp how awkward and unfamiliar they are with each other. I mean.. they have lived together for what now, 3 years? They hug and kiss each other like complete strangers? It's so fucking weird.

I really don't think there has been any sexual activity between these two at all. I mean, can you even imagine the two of them passionately kissing? It's insane and absolutely hilarious.

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Can we skip ahead to the part where Becky's bad ankle prevents her from running Amber's errands all day? This season sucks and I want to see how much love is really there, when Becky's no longer useful.

I couldn't even make it through the archived version of this one. The moment she starts having side conversations or talking about a new purchase, my eyes glaze over and my ears check out.

I will say though, ever since @Iusedtobeacat pointed out the egregious stealing of LTBF's personality, I can't unsee it and it makes her seem a lot more creepy, calculated and sociopathic now. Everything from the hand movements, the cadence in her speech patterns, the home decor. It's like Amber figured out the choreography of this human personality and is now trying to wear the skin as her own. Very strange behavior, but also, totally on-brand for someone that has no identity of her own.

Here's Alex, for those wondering:


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