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Bull Dykes and Twitter Psyches
Can we skip ahead to the part where Becky's bad ankle prevents her from running Amber's errands all day? This season sucks and I want to see how much love is really there, when Becky's no longer useful.

I couldn't even make it through the archived version of this one. The moment she starts having side conversations or talking about a new purchase, my eyes glaze over and my ears check out.

I will say though, ever since @Iusedtobeacat pointed out the egregious stealing of LTBF's personality, I can't unsee it and it makes her seem a lot more creepy, calculated and sociopathic now. Everything from the hand movements, the cadence in her speech patterns, the home decor. It's like Amber figured out the choreography of this human personality and is now trying to wear the skin as her own. Very strange behavior, but also, totally on-brand for someone that has no identity of her own.

Here's Alex, for those wondering:

Oh my god that is freaky - I have never seen this You Tuber before but she seems much nicer and her partner is hot

But yeah Amber is certainly Single White Female-ing this woman

...and she doesn't seem to get any hate


Well, that new bra of hers is on display in her thumbnail. :story: Also the cut out portions of the arms on that dress look horrible, why would they do something like that for hambeast attire?
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mY wHolE. FReAkiNg TiT tHo!


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have you taken your b12?

amber literally wines about everything & anything
also, her new nails make her so much more punchable
she says its not changing her demeanor, but homie is waving them around more then ever
bald baby mess
love it

lol no.jpg

the cow's crooked ass nails are glued on her skin. Note the white demarcation.
Family member got fake nails like that and had the same issue with the white glue
she said shit got itchy as hell but she had to wait until the skin grew out before picking them off


FYI, boogie has a similar body type to Amber, but obviously he's skinnier.
if she makes a patreon, she better have shit like this
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She looks absolutely bloated! Her face looks like the way it did in 2019 on pillow mountain in the fag shanty. How much weight did she gain?!?
It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of bread stick baskets and the age of Necky eating crayons, it was an epoch of forced sexless kisses, it was the epoch of flashing the neighbors Hambucket’s snoopy titties, it was a season of scrunchies, it was a season of long nails for human and beast, it was the Spring of hoarding, it was the Winter of credit card debt...

View attachment 1597738I don’t feel bad for Necky anymore, she chose this.
Nice to see the 2 finalists in the Men's World Darts Championship congratulating each other on a great game...

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She makes it clear how she views YouTube & filming for same when speaking about forcing herself to be a certain way. For Christ's sake - just BE. It would be just as boring but more authentic.

She has absolutely nothing to say - neither of them do. This looks like a bad out take reel.

And she thinks she can be successful with a Patreon? Good luck with that.

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