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Oh my god that is freaky - I have never seen this You Tuber before but she seems much nicer and her partner is hot

But yeah Amber is certainly Single White Female-ing this woman

I've seen her name mentioned before, but never paid any attention. I thought she was another cow, but she seems kinda cute. Looks like AL picked up that bizarre lip smacking from her.


I pulled off your wings, and I laughed.
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have you taken your b12?
Amber “I’m not gaining weight” Reid
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Shelf ass and back fat coming in nicely.

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Tree trunk legs.

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Ankle ball sighting!
Screen Shot 2020-09-15 at 5.58.36 PM.png

holy shit you're right, i missed that!
kudos to your eagle eyes

5 Below Price breakdown
Sum: 26.75
Sum with Tax: 28.36
its as boring of a haul as it is her life

vlog | double date & 500 pound outfit of the day
large cosmetic bag5
dog toy4
sherpa fleece scrunchies 2-pack3.25
scrunchies 4-pack2.25
my creative live workbook5
you're weird journal5
sum with tax​
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Eleventy Hunnit

Can we skip ahead to the part where Becky's bad ankle prevents her from running Amber's errands all day? This season sucks and I want to see how much love is really there, when Becky's no longer useful.

I couldn't even make it through the archived version of this one. The moment she starts having side conversations or talking about a new purchase, my eyes glaze over and my ears check out.

I will say though, ever since @Iusedtobeacat pointed out the egregious stealing of LTBF's personality, I can't unsee it and it makes her seem a lot more creepy, calculated and sociopathic now. Everything from the hand movements, the cadence in her speech patterns, the home decor. It's like Amber figured out the choreography of this human personality and is now trying to wear the skin as her own. Very strange behavior, but also, totally on-brand for someone that has no identity of her own.

Here's Alex, for those wondering:

LTBF has (had?) a very active thread on GG, but most of it was bitch-eating-crackers level of unreadable so I’ve never actually seen her content until now and wow def SWF. Although, Amber: if you are going to carbon copy someone in your same space with a shared audience, you should strive to be the better copy rather than the $0.99 clearance version of it.


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of bread stick baskets and the age of Necky eating crayons, it was an epoch of forced sexless kisses, it was the epoch of flashing the neighbors Hambucket’s snoopy titties, it was a season of scrunchies, it was a season of long nails for human and beast, it was the Spring of hoarding, it was the Winter of credit card debt...

View attachment 1597738I don’t feel bad for Necky anymore, she chose this.

doesn't even look like mother and son anymore. looks like a grandmother and grandson.


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Amber going to brute force a video into the official nasty thread for nasty people at this rate by the end of the month.
That's a good point. The only way Amber will ever convince anyone that she's actually having sex with Necky is by uploading a video of it.
Imagine if she waddles into a plastic surgeons office and asks about implants and lip fillers?
She should ask about Botox too, she's already getting forehead lines like Glitterandlazers.


Did I hear right, Hannah, Rafe and 3 other dogs stayed over at their apt!?!??!! :lunacy: Where did they sleep?? How??

She looks even worse now that she did at the fag shanty. Does she even go outside anymore? Or is it just a quick ride in the car to the next restaurant or store? I can’t watch her videos anymore, they’re so boring i zone out and fall asleep. Just when I thought the bed bound era couldn’t get more boring, BigCityLynn showed me it does.

after skimming the rest of the video, she has the saddest boobs I’ve ever seen on a fat person. Like how is it possible to be 500+ lbs and not have any tits?? Wait GlitterandLazers is sad too, she has more side boob than actual boob. Is AL more of a pear shape like Anna? I always took her for an Apple shape because of her stomach, but maybe AL and Anna are both pear shapes🤔.

That poor seatbelt was stretched to the max and still too tight trying to get around Hambeast. She was struggling 😂.

Amber’s period hole

Point blank period hole.
Did I hear right, Hannah, Rafe and 3 other dogs stayed over at their apt!?!??!! :lunacy: Where did they sleep?? How??
Hannah and Rafe were in the totally-not-Becky’s guest room, Amber and Becky on the poor couch because the bed is too full of piled up shit... sorry, too tall, and I don’t think they care about the dogs, they just left them there somewhere and who cares

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