vlog | fun at the lake & huge halloween decor haul - 9/21/2020 -


She's looking more and more like utter shit with each vid.
Plus the waddling is more pronounced.
That big trunk of a leg propped up. Lymphadema going strong I see.

She was absolutely lumbering into Target in the last video. She's, obviously, put most of the weight back on. Her walking is horrible. Got to think her sleep apnea would be worse. That's a very dangerous game she's playing not getting that sleep study and a cpap. Some people go to sleep and just never wake up.

Amber’s period hole

Point blank period hole.
“It’s going to be at the park... situation type thing”

Of course she had to add the usual WriterLynn lingo at the end of a sentence that already made sense.

And the way she moaned while eating watermelon... Watermelon is 90% water, it really doesn’t have an orgasm-worthy flavor. Stop catering to the feeders.

I really appreciated the shoutout to toxic shock lake tho.

Bonus pic #1: her biceps. Obese to Beast is Q U A K E E N


Bonus pic #2: her healthy scalp and totally-not-receding hairline.



No way Becky bought those PMS bath bombs, does she think we're dumb? And I mean she could've just said she liked the smell or colour or anything so even though PMS doesn't apply to her she still bought it. Amber lahs in glitter...

Edit to add.: who washes in the household? Does she really need THREE pans to cook thatsad looking breakfast.


Guess what? Pussyfart!
Just imagine coming home to your Lexington apartment after another productive day at work to see a super-morbidly obese clown baby gibbering away into a camera minutes after just waking up. If that was me, I would call the landlord about an early termination and pick up and leave.
I am also quite convinced that HamBucket will be eventually recognized while living in a denser area. I bet that interaction will be less than pleasant for her.


Holy hamburgers is she in terrible shape.

0.31 miles is 498 meters. It is one and a quarter times around a running track. This blistering performance puts her on pace for a 42 minute mile at 1.4 miles per hour. The old ladies walking around your neighborhood are probably going twice as fast as her and doing it for as least twice as long.

It must be the poor air quality. if she was back in M-cello, she would have done so many laps of the old tree course.