vlog | fun at the lake & huge halloween decor haul - 9/21/2020 -


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Just imagine coming home to your Lexington apartment after another productive day at work to see a super-morbidly obese clown baby gibbering away into a camera minutes after just waking up. If that was me, I would call the landlord about an early termination and pick up and leave.
I'm not sure where you live, but in the US, "no hambeasts" is an unreasonable standard when it comes to choosing an apartment complex. They're everywhere.
The more they want to show us that they are in a relationship, the more it looks fake. Her looking at the camera is a dead giveaway. I guess she is badgering Becky to act like this on video. She looks so uncomfortable.
And all it does is prove how fake it is. Normal, healthy couples don't need to kiss on camera for people to believe they're together.


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No way Becky bought those PMS bath bombs, does she think we're dumb? And I mean she could've just said she liked the smell or colour or anything so even though PMS doesn't apply to her she still bought it. Amber lahs in glitter...

Edit to add.: who washes in the household? Does she really need THREE pans to cook thatsad looking breakfast.

For the life of me I cannot imagine Becky getting a period every month! It just doesn’t compute.

And this is sad to think about, but maybe she just forgot she won’t be getting pms anymore? She just barely had her surgery you know? I actually feel some sympathy there.


have you taken your b12?
Dude. I was gonna try and do something funny with this screen shot of Amber holding Becky's 100th niece/nephew, but I stopped half way through. Im just kinda getting lazy but I was amazed by her body proportions. Just look at how weird her leg and foopa look. The human body is not supposed to look like that.

calorie bomb baby.jpg

thought towards the end she was going to say we were all fatphobic when she read the curvy calorie comment
still have some fatphobic fan art, so gonna post here



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This Amberlynn Reia era is so boring.

That “goulash” looked as disgusting as Amber’s slop creations.
You don’t like the Amberlynn Reia rebranding as a morbidly obese Rachel Ray in the making? Soon she will be selling the dog food my dog eats, instead of Nutrish it will be Obese by Amberlynn Reia for the chihuahua not on the go.


Out of all the bullshit she pulls what gets me the most is playing dumb when she's forced to address the inconsistencies in her lies. So the bed is too high, but she doesn't need a step stool to get on the bed? Like which is it? And the Swelleen is definitely not due to eating too much sodium, it's just the lymphedema. Nevermind the 'i'm swelling cause I ate too much sodium' excuse used a million times in the past to dispel weight gain accusations. She rambles on forever about what random shit she likes or dislikes, or what she used to like but doesn't now, etc. but when the people come asking legitimate questions, it's one-sentence cop-outs. Like either answer the actual question or ignore it and don't answer it at all!


It would mess up my metabolism
I wish amber would just admit that she likes her bed on the floor,against a wall with 7 comforters piled on it. She obviously was trying to have a influencers bedroom, but they tend to make their beds daily and we know how Becky and AL are.

I have a weird feeling that something major is going on with her that shes either ignoring or hiding. Her mobility has gotten worse over the last 2 weeks and her breathing is really bad. Its obvious shes gained at least 30-40lbs back and she was struggling heading into target the last vlog.


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i think, Amber should go to a Heart Doctor...she might have trouble breathing because she gained a bunch of weight back and her Heart just can not handle the Mass anymore...specially when the Left side of the Heart got a Problem, she will get Water in and around her Lungs...that will lead to Pneumonia...her System slowly starts to shut down and she seriously could not wake up one Morning...
she shows a lot of Symptoms that s whats happening to her right now