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Her eye fucking the camera in this video is particularly insane, considering she looks so bizarre. Her face is so big it's hexagon shaped. Her hair looks so stupid here in the pigtails.

I snorted when she said how much she loves her hair at the start of the video, I swear she says it all the time. Delusion, convince yourself.

Well, thanks for the thumbnail Hamqueen.

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Ugh she's really rocking the skanky 90s hoebag look.


Dude. Amber's arms.... and in the video she's almost as wide as the door

fuckkk look at Dana's gunt. Its down to her kness.
her front butt is digusting. Take a note from amber and wear a dress to hide that shit
Check out Amber boobs in her new bra, its not sagging

I didn’t even notice Amber was in that pic until I read your comment. I gasped when I found out the sofa had a human head and arms.

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That arm is as big around as a normal waist... maybe bigger depending on how tall someone is... god damn dude..
Oh its way, way bigger, than either a normal woman's or man's waist. Her arms have to be at least 40 inches around. Look at Dana's arm when the two were sitting next to each other on the couch. Dana herself is massively overweight, but her arms are barely half the width of Al's.
Monster is the perfect descriptor for this picture. It's like the opening scene of a horror movie. Picture a pleasant suburb somewhere in anytown USA. It's a sunny day, kids are playing outside. People are watering their lawns, some folks are walking their dogs...then that spooky, sinister music begins to play as everyone stops what they're doing and with terrified expressions , they all look in the same direction as the camera pans over to catch a giant, looming shadow falling over the landscape and blotting out the fucking sun.

Amber did say this was a "no judgement free zone" so prepare to be horrified
A few videos ago she claimed to have a tiny head. No Amber, just because your body is huge, and just because Becky is unfortunate enough to have grown 19 chins, so that her head is now too large to wear a normal sized mask, does not mean that your head is any way tiny. And while its true that your arms ARE bigger than your head, that's just because they are freakishly large. Your head is still not small. Nothing on your is tiny, except maybe your intellect, but as far as physically.No...Its just some parts of you are super massively huge, while others are just plain huge...like your head. Stop trying to convince people that any part of you is dainty.
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Its nice Becky's drawing some more. Even if its not the best, its at least something and it keeps her mind occupied. The same can't be said for Amber though.
The drawing isn't awful. It's not great, but you can tell who the characters are supposed to be. Its good for what a 12 or 13 year old might draw and Becky is pretty much the emotional and mental equivalent of a boy that age, so her art is just about at the level one would expect.
>Healthy choice

The Mediterranean veggie sandwich has 620 milligrams of sodium in one half, which is apparently what she got. The whole sandwich has 1240mg. Meanwhile, fast food soups usually have roughly 1000mg per serving.

Note to Amber: Just because something is vegetarian doesn't make it Healthy.
Actually, a small serving of lean, non processed meat with no bread and a side of veggies, would probably be even a bit healthier. What she got wasn't that bad though...but who is she kidding? There's no way that's all she ate for lunch. That half sandwich and soup is barely a snack for her. About a minute after she scarfed that down, she was either ordering more takeout or foraging though the kitchen for whatever greasy, salty, sugary processed crap she could find.
I wonder which fatty site she orders her bras off. I know Americans are fat but I doubt Walmart carries her size.
I didn't know they even made bras her size and its not even because she's so big, its that I didnt think a size 52 bra would come with anything smaller than a C cup. It's almost impossible for a woman to wear a bra size 52, but not even fully fill out a B cup. Hell, even most obese guys have enough manboob to pack a B or C cup. Amber really is composed of the most unfortunate collection of body parts.


You would expect from a person in her situation to feel miserable. That is a good feeling to start doing good life decisions.
Yet she seems to relish in her misery like some kind of masochist.
Her life is meaningless.. she has nothing meaningfull to do, all her hobbies are childish. I guess for her having a short life span makes sense, there is no advantage for her to renounce on her meaningless and harmfull plessures because there is nothing to live for for her after say 40. All of this is also true of Becky.
Also I have a meinimal knowledge of Al's life prior one year. Did she ever work ? How dose she make money besides Yt?


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Dude. Amber's arms.... and in the video she's almost as wide as the door
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fuckkk look at Dana's gunt. Its down to her kness.
her front butt is digusting. Take a note from amber and wear a dress to hide that shit
Check out Amber boobs in her new bra, its not sagging
Holy fuck. By those pics she's definitely upwards in the 500's. She will be 600 very soon. If not already.
I think what astonishes me is how these fats have no shame whatsoever.


I hate this
Not the worst person in the world deserves having whatever Amber flashed, flashed at them. No doubt in her narc mind she was doing them "a favor".
I'm not sure a human brain would register it as a boob though. It would probably look like just another roll on the blob.

She loves her hair so much but puts conditioner on her face and never on her hair. We saw her rip it to shreds with a brush.
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