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The only pity I feel concerning Becky is about her mom dying. It isn't fun losing a parent.
Becky is an adult. She had been the one to initiate hooking up with the wildebeest. She's been with her long enough to know exactly how toxic and crooked Al is. She's even been in on some of big bitch's lies. And she's perfectly able to be working a job. She's just too lazy and settled to do it.
And as previous commenter posted above- her time to bounce was during the fag split.
Old Becky knows what she's doing. :gunt:


I know what works for meeeee
How does a person blow through two tubes of toothpaste in a month?

Speds often put inedible things down their throat

Oh its way, way bigger, than either a normal woman's or man's waist. Her arms have to be at least 40 inches around. Look at Dana's arm when the two were sitting next to each other on the couch. Dana herself is massively overweight, but her arms are barely half the width of Al's.

Monster is the perfect descriptor for this picture. It's like the opening scene of a horror movie. Picture a pleasant suburb somewhere in anytown USA. It's a sunny day, kids are playing outside. People are watering their lawns, some folks are walking their dogs...then that spooky, sinister music begins to play as everyone stops what they're doing and with terrified expressions , they all look in the same direction as the camera pans over to catch a giant, looming shadow falling over the landscape and blotting out the fucking sun.

A few videos ago she claimed to have a tiny head. No Amber, just because your body is huge, and just because Becky is unfortunate enough to have grown 19 chins, so that her head is now too large to wear a normal sized mask, does not mean that your head is any way tiny. And while its true that your arms ARE bigger than your head, that's just because they are freakishly large. Your head is still not small. Nothing on your is tiny, except maybe your intellect, but as far as physically.No...Its just some parts of you are super massively huge, while others are just plain huge...like your head. Stop trying to convince people that any part of you is dainty.

The drawing isn't awful. It's not great, but you can tell who the characters are supposed to be. Its good for what a 12 or 13 year old might draw and Becky is pretty much the emotional and mental equivalent of a boy that age, so her art is just about at the level one would expect.

Actually, a small serving of lean, non processed meat with no bread and a side of veggies, would probably be even a bit healthier. What she got wasn't that bad though...but who is she kidding? There's no way that's all she ate for lunch. That half sandwich and soup is barely a snack for her. About a minute after she scarfed that down, she was either ordering more takeout or foraging though the kitchen for whatever greasy, salty, sugary processed crap she could find.

I didn't know they even made bras her size and its not even because she's so big, its that I didnt think a size 52 bra would come with anything smaller than a C cup. It's almost impossible for a woman to wear a bra size 52, but not even fully fill out a B cup. Hell, even most obese guys have enough manboob to pack a B or C cup. Amber really is composed of the most unfortunate collection of body parts.

wdym... she has the tinniest of tits

Sadly, I guarantee this is not the case. If Amber started an Onlyfans, she'd make ridiculous cash from desperate losers with fat fetishes.

Eh, they said ‘self respecting’

So I ventured into the comments to see what was going on. Looks like either there’s a troll pretending to be destiny, or destiny is really this stupid. Either way, whomever this is had people triggered and calling them Amber. Just wondering if anyone else saw this shit lol

Edit: I probably should have edited these together somehow, let me know if the formatting is autistic. At least I cropped em :^)

It does sound exactly like amber does when she’s in troll mode in her comments section
Gorls, I know how she went through two tubes of toothpaste in a month. Liarlynn didn't. Simple as that. The dummy obviously forgot she told the lah earlier, and then showed us the two tubes of toothpaste in her drawer that she had to go back to, because the toothpaste she bought was *strange accent amber's been using lately* no bueno. The two old tubes weren't even half-empty. Lahs, lahs, lahs.

So I assume D&D were paid for their trouble.

Does AL just Venmo the money to them or is it more of a "Your money's on the dresser now see yourself out," situation type deal?

I just assumed D&D were blatantly using amber's wallet so they didn't have to spend money on going out for Dana's birthday. Just as amber if she wants to hang out and oh, yeah, it's Dana's birthday. Dinner and shopping on Amber. She's more than happy to do it if it means getting time to swoon over chadestiny.
Technically, she got fired for always being in the fucking bathroom, but yes, ultimately because fat.
She also worked as a personal aid worker at a retirement home. I think she worked with Destiny or Dana there. I do not know how long she lasted, but it was not likely very long. Another Farmer may fill in the details.
She also worked as a personal aid worker at a retirement home. I think she worked with Destiny or Dana there. I do not know how long she lasted, but it was not likely very long. Another Farmer may fill in the details.
She lied about that too. She worked in the kitchen and volunteered to be there while Destiny was working so she wouldn’t be alone/keep an eye on Destiny.

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