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Yup, Amber messed up by even bringing up those packages. They would have been returned to sender by the landlord or new tenants, not just kept around in case Amber or the boys decided to swing by to grab them at their leisure.
This is intriguing to me. It would explain Eric dropping off of YT. Maybe the boys think we will all forget where they live(d).

Eric lists his job at Walmart (one does exist in Monticello). Rickie works at Cagles in Albany of course. Amber went to Ollie’s this video, and one is actually located on the way back to Lexington from Monticello.

Interesting indeed.


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Supposedly none of them have lived at the previous address for months, right? But she has a couple of months worth of subscription boxes that weren't RTS or stolen.
Didn't Amber say that they had to be out so quickly because the landlord had new tenants lined up? Those packages definitely would have been returned, there's no reason for them to hold on to mail for old occupants when they have no idea whether they'll ever return to claim them.

It would also explain why Eric and Ricky were fine with her leaving her freezer and various food items at the house - they didn't have to pack them up and move them anywhere.

Amber is a bad liar.


Yeah that was a bad af lie. It seems and here is my theory, Eric and Ricky went to live with Eric's sister and gave Amber a month to fuck off and then moved back in. It explains how she was using their bathroom because they weren't there (can't believe I had not even considered that to begin with lol.)

So time frame of how it went down as I think Cancer gate was in May / June but Eric and Ricky were not really round before then.

So prior to the carrie situation Ricky and Eric and spending a lot of time at Eric's sister. We see her sister once at Amber's so she clearly hated Amber who wouldn't.
They are at sisters then cancer scare happens.
Ricky comes home and finds the blood and shit over their bathroom loses his utter shit complains to landlord.
Landlord says to Amber has a month to fuck off
Eric and Ricky explain to his sister about it and take him in as they have like 2 spare rooms. In the mean time Eric lands a job to help with the bills (which is actually sweet somewhat gives me hope as he actually wants to take the pressure of his husband, so Kudos to him honestly best story to come from the Amberverse)
Eric and Ricky return after she is gone and live their life its a nice house tbh.

The mail lie blew her total cover as Eric and Ricky moving made no sense as a married couple that house is a steal and you'd be stupid to leave it especially in that neck of the woods. Ricky lives close to work as does Eric so that's what made me think.

@ADHD exactly the story was piss poor and from a home owner stance made no sense, why would the landlord advertise it when he had heard nothing from Ricky who is on the lease. I am sure the lease / rent agreement is solely on Ricky too

Also Rarity has gained so much weight its really sad. Cat is actually really nice. Love how Wasabi outright hates her still gets a laugh from me.

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I am glad Becky was in the video near the end showing off her mini-haul. It might actually be the only interesting part of Amberlynn's videos at this point apart from the increasing amount of dark grey blemishes cropping up on her body. I realized when Becky said "I hope you all have a great day" that I have never actually felt any genuine emotion from Amber in years. I actually felt like Becky really did want the viewers to have a good day. It's just crazy how much more authentic she is and will be compared to the vapid food suck hole. I know Becky just wants a free ride, but it's hard for me to understand how someone with actual interpersonal emotions can stand being around someone who has never said a genuine word to her in her life. She must have some understanding for how Hambur numbs herself to the world through her food addiction and is willing to make that trade to indulge in the same addiction. Both escapists in their own way I guess.


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Lol she has all this money apparently but buys knock off designer purses? I just feel like her buying knock offs adds to her white trash image even more
For a fraction of the price she could buy a very good quality handmade leather bag. She has zero taste, though, which is obvious by the knock off bags she chose. That Chanel one is just awful.


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So time frame of how it went down as I think Cancer gate was in May / June but Eric and Ricky were not really round before then.
Well, remember they were around at the beginning of May, that's when Amber was doing lots of livestreaming and drinking alcohol every day, and *something* happened one drunken night. Amber claimed someone "fainted" (did she mean passed out? who knows) but I'd bet a plate of orange chicken that whatever happened, there was a fight, because IIRC, we didn't see the boys again after that point. You're right, her trip to the ER was at the end of May, her cancer diagnosis was June 4th.

Ricky comes home and finds the blood and shit over their bathroom loses his utter shit complains to landlord.
Landlord says to Amber has a month to fuck off
It's possible they told her to get out and didn't actually need to involve the landlord (threatening might be enough, since she said she wasn't on the lease), but yes, that bloodbath was likely the very last straw.

I'd really love to know what happened that night when they were all drinking. It's not someone "fainting", no one gets pissed off and moves out over that.


I was like - whuuuuut???
Colonel Sanders.

PS: Becky you are a fake ass 90s kid POSER!
Ngl, my genuine late-80's teen Goth heart feels a stab of pain whenever I hear this - oh Becky, Becky, Becky

From Amber's foot-in-mouth 'moment' it certainly seems that Eric and Rickie haven't moved...I get that E+R don't want to be on cam, but surely she could have shown Trixie and Chubs with Twinkie?
Although tbh there is also the possibility this is Amber trying to stir haydur drama, who the fuck knows with her anymore but...

I'm damn certain no 'new tenant' is going to keep parcels that long (she said she ordered those manky bags in April) and Whitepages seem to think Eric is still there - any Americans who can tell us how often these things are updated? 🤔

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